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Travertine tiles are among some of the most popular natural stones for wall and floor applications. Travertine is a functional and practical natural stone that is affordable. It is widely available in nature and easy to quarry and produce which makes it affordable flooring.
Popular travertine tiles include Ivory travertine, Noce travertine, Durango travertine, Silver travertine, Navona travertine, and Osso travertine.
Popular travertine tile finishes include honed and filled travertine, honed unfilled travertine, polished and filled travertine, and tumbled travertine. The most common size of travertine tiles are 18×18 tiles, due to block sizes. Other sizes include 12×24, and 24×24 tiles.
Travertine tiles can be used in bathroom floors, bathroom walls, shower floors, shower walls, kitchen floors, kitchen backsplashes, outdoor pool decks, patios, and feature tile walls.
We recommend all travertine tiles are sealed before and after installation to protect against staining and making it easier to clean additional grout.