About Bullnose Tile

About Bullnose Tile?

No significant amount of time goes by without someone asking About Bullnose Tile. Let’s face it. It certainly is a funny name. So, why not spend a little time explaining things a little bit.

There are quite a few types of bullnose. Perhaps the most common is what most folks call a surface bullnose. Check out the image below. You can clearly see that one edge of the tile is rounded. Furthermore, the rounded piece encompasses 90 degrees since it returns down to the bottom of the piece.

About Bullnose Tile

Surface bullnose can be used both vertically and horizontally. Imagine the top of a backsplash being finished by such an element. Likewise, the same bullnose can trim the edge of a horizontal plane such as a countertop.

At the very top of the post please take a look at another type of bullnose. In this instance, the rounded portion is 180 degrees. This might work perfectly as a stair nosing, for example.

Another commonly used type is a double bullnose, which may also be called a bullnose corner. In this case the adjacent edges are rounded in order to be able to finish a flat corner.

So far we have only discussed the design element uses of bullnose. We certainly don’t want to minimize these considerations. However, there are also major safety issues that this piece can address. The rounded edges that bullnose present eliminate all sorts of nasty ragged edges that might otherwise present opportunities for cuts and gashes.

We hope this helps. Thanks for reading.