Aqua Blanco Carrara Porcelain Collection

Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tile collection is a premium selection of hard surface flooring. These tiles are made in Italy with precision calibration and shading. Unlike most porcelain tiles, these tiles have multiple facings and exact sizing.  It can be installed with a regular thin-set and require very little maintenance.

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Porcelain tiles are mainly preferred by home and commercial building owners because of their beauty, elegance, and structural benefits. While marble is a costly tiling option for many, porcelain is inherently cost-effective with several advantages. They are non-porous and compact with high resistance against wear and cracks. be it a residential construction project, a public venue, or large, commercial structures, these tiles are extensively used as a substitute for marble without, of course, neglecting it’s unique characteristics, as there are so many of them.

Retail stores, restaurants, wellness centers, offices, shops, and many more areas are adorned by porcelain tiles. Among the different types of porcelain, one of the most preferred is the Carrara Blanco porcelain tile, which is beautiful, polished, and can take the appeal of any space a notch higher. It’s quite difficult to differentiate them from marble, as they look way similar than anyone can expect. The Aqua Blanca porcelain tile is derived from Italy and is meant for hard surface flooring. Some of the many benefits of these tiles are their amazingly-perfect size and multiple facings. Also, these tiles can be installed without any hassle and don’t need much maintenance to stay the way they are for years.

Porcelain is undoubtedly one of the long-lasting tiling materials in the market. Although it appears glossy and lustrous, it’s not slippery and thus can be installed on diverse surfaces. Coming to cleaning and maintenance, you can clean the tiles once a week to maintain its shine for years at a stretch. A simple commercial cleaner and a brush to wipe it off after application is enough to clean the tiles and keep them as good as new.

Acqua Bianco Carrara Blanco porcelain tiles at the Stone Tile Depot without breaking your banks. We have an experience of two decades to understand our customers’ needs properly and do everything in our power to meet the same. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all our customers, in case they don’t like the quality of the products that are delivered to them. Our fastest shipping policy is another reason for our immense popularity among our customers. This apart, we offer additional discounts on your purchases from time to time to make our products suitable for every budget.

You can always get in touch with our customer service team regarding any query you have, but before that, take a look at our amazing collection of Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tiles to choose the right one for your project.

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