Renovating your bathroom is both an exciting and tedious endeavor, and you have to be careful from the start. First of all, choosing the materials to install and matching them with the existing interiors is paramount. If you are going for tiles, make sure they are completely sealed off to reduce moisture absorption and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Next is aesthetics. Now, what kind of appearance you want for your bathroom? Do you wish to go for minimalist interiors with white as the base color? Or you want to make it unique with darker shades and distinctive patterns?

Some people also go for mix-and-match designs that work for large commercial properties, like hotels, resorts, and shopping malls. No matter the choice, you can always get good bathroom tile ideas from the experts at the Stone Tile Depot. Talk to our customer service team so that we can help you choose the best. You can gain some ideas from the following suggestions as well.

Neutral Shades 

You can achieve the minimalist effect by choosing neutral shades for your bathroom tiles. From marble to porcelain and slate, there is an end number of options when it comes to minimalist designs. Granite and glass are not the right choices here, as they are neither minimalist nor neutral. However, you can go for granite bathtubs and cabinets if you wish to take the appearance a notch up. Limestone is also a good choice for minimalist bathroom designs. 


Royal Beige Honed Marble Tile

Size: 12x24x1/2
per sq. ft.
as low as $5.32

Italian Carrara Select Polished Marble Tile

Size: 12x24x3/8
per sq. ft.
as low as $7.16

Carrara T Polished Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8x3/8
per pcs
free shipping

Paris Honed Limestone Tile

Size: 12x12x3/8
per sq. ft.
as low as $4.47

Themed Bathroom

Now, a themed bathroom needs to adhere to specific pre-decided colors, shades, and patterns. If you want your bathroom to follow a theme, it is best to check out the options before. Seek bathroom tile ideas from the professionals and develop a blueprint of your requirements. Explore the collections of tiles at our online store and see which of them meets your criteria. For color variations, you need to choose materials available in diverse shades, like porcelain, ceramic, limestone, and slate. You can also install glass mosaic in some places to reflect light and make the area appear brighter.

Focus on Flooring

When tiling a bathroom, you can focus on the flooring first and make it stand out from the rest of the features. You can choose different materials for flooring and other parts of the bathroom. For example, you can install cement tiles on the floor and cover the other bathroom areas with porcelain, ceramic, or even marble. It will make the bathroom space visually appealing and seemingly more significant than it already is. For colors, too, you can choose different shades for floors and walls, but there should be some adherence to prevent visual anomalies.

Consider the Type

Does the rest of the property exude a classic and traditional feel? Your bathroom should do the same then. Pick materials according to the existing theme and interiors of the property. If it is a classic one, go for marble and granite for bathroom tiles. If it is contemporary, you have endless options, like ceramic, limestone, shell stones, travertine, glass mosaic, and more. Read and research tiling materials before you proceed to buy at random.

Subtle Variations in Shades

This is again an idea to achieve a minimalist look for your bathroom without making it monotonous. You can install Carrara marble on the flooring and granite on the cabinets and sinks. Top the effect with glass mosaic on the backsplash, featuring a basket-weave pattern. Your restroom will not fail to catch eyeballs then. Such interiors are best for spas, hotels, resorts, and other commercial places, where aesthetics are a priority.

 Dark and Defining

Some people like to create a darker, glossier effect in the restrooms. They find it more attractive and appealing. No problem at all! You can opt for the classy Emperador dark marble tile for an unmatched effect. If they seem too expensive, you can also go for granite, which looks equally promising. However, at the Stone Tile Depot, you can get any material at quite reasonable rates. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases so that you do not have to compromise with your first choice.

Wish to get more practical bathroom tile ideas from the experts? Contact our customer service team today and clarify all your queries about bathroom tiles.