Bathroom tiles can be made out of marble tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles. Due to constant exposure to water materials with low absorption rate are desired. Depending on the use any hard surface tiling material can be used.

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For bathroom tiles we have to distinguish between residential bathrooms and commercial bathrooms.

Residential bathrooms are private homes such as apartments, or single family houses. These bathrooms are used less frequently in a typical application and demand less maintenance and wear and tear. Commercial bathrooms are in office buildings, or hotels rooms.

Residential bathrooms
Bathroom floor tiles:

These tiles are used on the main floor of the bathroom and can be any marble tiles, limestone tiles, slate tiles or porcelain tiles. Natural stone tiles provide a timeless beauty and will last forever. You can choose polished or honed surface, as well as textured surface for more slip resistance.

Shower wall tiles:

Small size wall tile such as 4x4, 6x6 or even possibly 12x12 tiles can be used. You can install they diagonal, or straight joint. We recommend using tiles without many holes or crevices in order to clean them easier. Most customers prefer to cut a soap dish niche in the wall to make space for soap and shampoo. Your installer should be able to make box and frame with pencil moldings.

Shower floor tiles:

Tiles used here are more challenging for factors such as slip resistance, and easy cleaning. Also, in order to create a natural slope, tiles have to be smaller. Mosaics or maximum 4x4 size should be considered. One final factor is the grout joint between tiles create friction on the floor and less prone to slipping.

Commercial bathrooms

Requirements for commercial bathroom floors are similar to residential except that, there is a higher need to have less slippery floors and easier cleaning. Most commonly used flooring material is porcelain in most office and apartment buildings. Furthermore, budget constraints eliminate luxury materials like natural stone from these applications. Most typical shower floor tile is 2x2 mosaics.

Most common colors for bathroom floor tiles depend on country versus city living. Typical apartment buildings are white or gray themes and prefer to have colors such as White Carrara marble, Avenza marble, Calacatta marble. As for porcelain choices, well known marble look from Iris porcelain, Roca porcelain, and Emil porcelain are popular. In recent years, most porcelain companies copied well known marble designs and made a cheaper alternative to real stone. These porcelains last shorter compared to natural stone.

Typical colors for country style or single family houses use a variety of colors, such as beige, brown as well as white. Ivory travertine, Crema Marfil marble is widely used.

Most popular finish for bathroom tiles is polished. In contrary to common belief polished tiles are not more or less slippery than other finishes (individual usage depends on job site conditions and vary from material to material, please check with your installer. ) Honed or matt is the second most popular surface finish for tiles in bathrooms.

There are variety of themes for bathroom tiles and Island style , or waterfall type of showers use stone pebbles or split face stone to give a more natural stone look. Tile is very personal, and style of tile varies from job to job. We recommend finding a good tile store and consult them for your individual needs.