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Traditionally, bathroom vanities were made of wooden materials such as birch, and cherry. Bathroom vanities we made to serve as storage items but why have evolved to include visuals that add aesthetic value to bathrooms? The sizes, styles, and finishes of vanities have expanded significantly.

You can get the best price on a bathroom vanity with sinks from many different stores. The most convenient place to buy vanities is your standard hardware store. Places like Lowes and Home Depot. If you are looking for a more stylish and high-quality vanity for a wonderful price you should consider shopping online. At Stone Tile Depot we offer designer-brand bathroom vanities with sinks that will wow you.

Bathroom vanities can be installed by anchoring them to the wall, or the vanity can be placed in a space where it is free-standing. Vanities can be long or small, and they can also be placed up on the wall to give off the appearance of floating. Essentially vanity installation has many options.

The depth for standard store-bought bathroom vanity is usually 20 to 21 inches.

The most popular style of vanity is the freestanding double sink bathroom vanity. They provide most families with plenty of space for storage and enough countertops space to keep needed daily items.

You can replace your existing bathroom vanity yourself or you can purchase a vanity and have it installed by skilled professionals. DIY installation will require some research so be prepared to do the work before starting the process.

Bathroom vanities can be any height. Most of the time you will find a bathroom vanity that is at least 32 inches tall. Tall bathroom vanities are usually 36 inches in height, and a custom bathroom vanity can be made even taller.

The height of a standard bathroom vanity is about 32 inches.

You can shop at your local furniture or hardware store for bathroom vanity. Likewise, you can take a look that the luxurious bathroom vanities offered by online retailers.

You can purchase a quality bathroom vanity from anywhere they are sold, a custom bathroom vanity can also be designed and purchased if that is what you desire.

Natural stones (slate, granite, marble, quartzite, etc.), and hardened clays (porcelain and ceramic) are tried and true materials for bathroom vanity tops.

Better is subjective. If you have space for a double bathroom vanity then it is a good idea to invest in one. If your bathroom is small or cramped then a single bathroom vanity is the better option.

Bathroom vanities range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on brand, size, material, and place of purchase. Modern bathroom vanities may or may not be cheap bathroom vanities. Like any other home purchase, it is advised to shop around and price compare to get the best quality bathroom vanity for your budget.

There is no set average for vanity small bathroom vanities, double bathroom vanities, and even custom bathroom vanities will vary in price.

Again the installation costs for vanities will vary greatly depending on your desired results. Many homeowners install bathroom vanities themselves to save on costs. Others will need to pay for a professional to install their bathroom vanity to ensure that the materials are properly placed and that the plumbing, lighting, and other features all function optimally.

Best Types Of Bathroom Vanities

At Stone Tile Depot, the selection of available bathroom vanities reflects style and quality. We take great pride in offering only the very best when it comes to furnishing your home and our vanities are no exception. Whether you are in the market for a small bathroom vanity or a large bathroom vanity with double sinks we have options for you. If you want to save on a designer bathroom vanity we also have those vanities for sale.

Best Bathroom Vanities

Here are our top picks for the best bathroom vanities for your home. We have included multiple sizes and styles to help you design the bathroom of your dreams regardless of your budget.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Custom bathroom vanities can be made fairly cheap if you have to skill to DIY. If you want a professional to build your vanity then the opposite is true. You can spend thousands on a professional one-of-a-kind vanity and make it truly spectacular.

Bathroom Vanities With Tops

Bathroom vanities with tops are great for those who want to get a great deal or discount bathroom vanity. Many places offer full bathroom vanities for a fraction of the cost of custom styles.

Bathroom Vanities Without Tops

Bathroom vanities without tops are the middle ground between custom-made styles and fully assembles styles. You can have a more customized result without going to the max on your budget.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

A modern vanity serves the purpose of being on trend while offering a look that is neither too polished nor too retro. Most modern vanity styles will look best paired with elements that have clean lines in simple, crisp colors.

Small Bathroom Vanities

You want your small bathroom to be optimal for your space. If it’s too big it will be an inconvenience but if it’s too small it will be ineffective. A small vanity should be functional and help you do as much as possible.

Double Sink Vanity

Double sink bathroom vanities are very popular and if you desire this style you can look forward to having plenty of storage and plenty of space along the countertop for your daily essentials and even some lovely decor.

Bathroom Vanities by Type

We have already suggested the double bathroom vanity if you have the space for one. You can also go with a more minimalistic modern style, or go full-on classic with a traditional bathroom vanity that features a mirror and pull-out drawers for storage.

Bathroom Vanities by Color

Most homeowners like vanities in bright or neutral colors. Bright white, bold black, classic dark wood, and light natural woods are in high demand. Of course, colorful and vivid shades are also acceptable. Your bathroom should reflect your personality so go with what your heart desires.

Bathroom Vanities by Feature

Round vanities, corner vanities, and all-cabinet style vanities are not as commonly used as the single bathroom or double bathroom vanity. However, these lesser-used styles can be perfect for your space if room is limited or you just want a unique bathroom vanity in your space.

Bathroom Vanities by Style

The most common styles of bathroom vanities include the traditional single vanity, floating vanity, modular bathroom vanity, and freestanding vanity.