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Bianco Dolomiti Marble

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Bianco Dolomiti tile is a staple of the marble industry, highly prized for its timeless appearance. The white hue of Bianco Dolomiti ushers in feelings of classic elegance reminiscent of the days when marble was commonly used to show social status and signify regalness. 

When it comes to white marble, Bianco Dolomiti marble tile is considered to be top-tier. The one-of-a-kind marble is quarried directly from Turkey and transported around the world to factories where it is finely cut and prepared for use in both homes and businesses.

Bianco Dolomiti is suitable for use in interior spaces – used everywhere from monuments to home kitchens. Most commonly Bianco Dolomiti is used for bathrooms and kitchen flooring, as well as countertops. It can also be used for room and shower walls. It is not uncommon to see Bianco Dolomiti used in reception offices, high-end hotels, and other commercial areas. 

The price of Bianco Dolomiti can vary depending on where you go. At Stone Tile Depot our prices are hard to beat. Our Bianco Dolomiti marble tiles start as low as $10.40 per square foot and we low the prices to $8.36 per sq.ft according to your project. Our mosaics, moldings, and slabs start as low as $12.95/pcs. 

Bianco Dolomiti tile is crafted to last. With proper cleaning and upkeep, expect your Bianco Dolomiti tile to last for years on end.

Like other variations of marble, Bianco Dolomiti is an extremely durable and hard-wearing material despite its elegant appearance. Properly installed marble tile is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and breaking. Only under extreme force is marble likely to break. With proper maintenance, your white marble tile floors can last for decades looking as good as the day it was originally installed. 

The Bianco Dolomiti honed and polished marble tiles are traditional and elegant. These tiles enhance the beauty of a simple household, but they can also be apt for contemporary homes, on the kitchen walls, bathroom floors, and backsplashes. They also look nice on the living room walls, giving a soothing feel to the entire space. Some people even install these tiles in the exteriors, on stairs, fountains, and facades. Although not used much commercially, these tiles can adorn the walls of kitchens and backsplashes in restaurants and eateries. If you are an artistic person in love with minimalist interiors, then the Bianco Dolomiti marble tiles are just for you.

Varieties of Bianco Dolomiti Tile

Bianco Dolomiti marble comes in two finishes – polished and honed. Both versions of the tile boast their own unique characteristics.

Bianco Dolomiti Polished Tile 

Polished marble tile of any variety is a sight to behold. Glossy and high-sheen finish tile is undoubtedly a visual showpiece in any space. In living rooms, for example, polished Bianco Dolomiti gleams against light and dark furniture accents. The milky-white tile looks classic and airy in installed areas like the living room, enhancing the feelings of space and openness.

Bianco Dolomiti Honed Tile

Honed Bianco Dolomiti is luxurious in its own right. Honed marble has a matte appearance, which looks exceptionally chic. Honed marble is a marvelous choice for areas of high traffic like kitchen countertops and kitchen tile flooring. In its honed finish, Bianco Dolomiti looks like it's been in your home for years upon installation. If you are into the aesthetic of white marble tile kitchen floors, Bianco Dolomiti is a superb choice.

Bianco Dolomiti Tile Colors

Bianco Dolomiti is unique in its creamy, almost milky-white color. It's veined with gray and looks both high-end and rustic. Depending on the composition the tile can have very heavy and distinct veins of grays, and other compositions are so finely veined they appear almost completely snow-white.

Most Common Sizes In Bianco Dolomiti Tiles

The beauty of Bianco Dolomiti tile is in its versatility. It comes in several distinct sizes and shapes. Most popularly this white marble tile comes in 12x12 white marble tile, another popular size for Bianco Dolomiti is 12x24 white marble tile. Some other common sizes for these elegant white marble tiles are 18x18, 4x12, and 6x12.

Bianco Dolomiti also comes in mosaic and molding options, so the sizes for the tile in those options also vary. Bianco Dolomiti mosaic tile is available in several exquisite shapes including herringbone, arabesque, and hexagon styles. Each mosaic tile pattern is crafted with care to be fitting additions to walls and flooring in both residential and commercial areas.

Advantages of Bianco Dolomiti Tiles

Visually Bianco Dolomiti marble tiles are lovely to look at. Mostly white compositions of the stone brighten spaces and reflect lots of natural light. The more heavily grayed compositions add a touch of warmth to spaces without looking dull or overwhelming. It's a great alternative to pure white bathroom tile because the veining adds depth.

Honed Bianco Dolomiti marble is an excellent option for white marble showers and kitchen counters because the finish holds up well to scratches. It also looks amazing paired with the gloss of metal appliances, shining sink fixtures, and lighting.

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