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15 Home Interior Design Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

Designing your home can seem like an overwhelming experience when you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are many wonderful tiles available to adorn your home, especially in the realm of mosaics. Mosaic tiles are an incredibly unique way to add a touch of unique charm to your living [...]

Terracotta Ideas for Floors

Few types of flooring look as rich and warm as terracotta tile. With its natural warmth, terracotta tile is reminiscent of the earth in one of the best ways. Explore all the possibilities of these fabulous natural clay tiles for your home and office spaces. What Are Terracotta Floor [...]
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5 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Tiles

Many people wish to furnish their homes with luxurious tiles but few realize the benefits of purchasing tile at affordable wholesale tile prices. Nothing looks quite as elegant or classic in a home as tile. With advancements in textile production, the variety of tile materials has increased [...]
best porcelain tiles 2023

2023 Porcelain Tile Ideas to Use in Your Home

Porcelain tile may seem trendy, but it is actually a tile choice that is gaining lasting appeal. With this in mind, envision all the wonderful changes you can make inside your home with the addition of porcelain tile. Learn 2023 porcelain tile ideas today with this post.Porcelain is [...]

10 Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas & Tips

Kitchen floor tiles are a staple design option in floors all across the world. Thanks to modern-day advancements kitchen tiles come in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. The key to choosing the best kitchen tiles for your space comes down to your budget, space layout, and [...]

Black and White Tiles Design Ideas 2023

Black and white tiles are still very much in style. This classic color combination has endless appeal. With today’s exciting developments in textile production, black and white tile has found new ways to present itself in interior and exterior spaces.Here are some stylish and fun ways to [...]

How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Tile for Your Kitchen Backsplash

In the world of interior design, mosaic tile reigns supreme as an enchanting material for use in living spaces. Whether the goal is bringing different room elements together or creating an area that will be a showpiece, mosaic tile delivers. If you are new to mosaic-style tile, don’t worry [...]
Top Ten Tile Deals Online

Top Ten Tile Deals Online

Are you looking for tile deals online? At Stone Tile Depot, we have tile deals galore for your home or trade tiling project. With the benefits also of joining our Pros Club, which we discuss below this month's top ten tile deals online, you will discover and receive tremendous benefits and [...]
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The Best Quality in Wholesale Tiles

Let’s discuss for a few minutes what a search for The Best Quality Wholesale Tiles should look like. Stone Tile Depot believes that getting a great wholesale price should never include making too many sacrifices in order to get that price. Here we go! The Best Quality in Wholesale Tiles 1- [...]