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Showing all 14 results

Our granite tiles come directly from the best factories in India, Italy, and Brazil. It is one of the most durable natural stones in the World. Granite tiles can be used in high traffic areas such as office building lobby flooring, and hotel entrance flooring. Especially darker colors such as a tan brown, black galaxy, and absolute black are some of the hardest stones in the World.

In general, they are used more commercially then residentially. The reason for this is that granite tiles are darker and more industrial looking for residential floors.

What are the most common types of Granite Tiles:

Blue Pearl granite from Norway, Baltic Brown from Finland, Absolute Black from India, Black Galaxy from India, and Luna Pearl from Sardinia are some of the most well-known varieties. As far as Absolute Black Granite is concerned, this granite originally came from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Original material had natural oil spots and had all kinds of difficulties with it. Later on, quarries in India was discovered. These quarries produced a much darker Absolute Granite Tiles and Slabs. Furthermore, they did not have oil spots. For all of these reasons, Indian Absolute Granite became much more popular in a short time.

Granite tile production also moved from Italy to Brazil and India. Two countries had a much lower cost of production. All of these reasons increased the demand for production and use.

American Granite quarries, such as the ones from Cold Spring Granite, had limited availability and high cost. These materials were used mostly in American Monuments. Blue Pearl Granite from Norway followed the trend and ended up being produced in China due to low-cost reasons.

Finally, Chinese granites completely replaced most of the World production due to availability and cost.

You can use granite tiles instead of granite countertops, but you will need edge finishing pieces like bullnose trim, or return pieces. For this reason, most people use fabricated granite slabs for this purpose.

What are the specifications of Quality Granite Tiles

  1. Right quality tiles must be cut with a precise cutting saw like Italian Pedrini block cutters. These saws have more precise diamond tooling.
  2. Good quality tiles must be calibrated and honed on a minimum 16 head polishing head machine. This ensures a more uniform and even surface.
  3. No kerosene must be used in cutting these tiles.
  4. A color selection must be uniform and consistent. If there are unusual veins and spots, those must be selected into other grades.
  5. Tiles must have chamfered edges, also known as beveled edge, for ease of installation.

Installation of Granite tiles:

Granite tile is one of the easiest natural stone tiles to install. It has minimal color variation and low absorption. For these reasons, tiles don’t need to be installed by a qualified installer. Other than cutting these tiles with a wet saw with a diamond blade, you don’t need much to install these tiles.

Maintenance of Granite Tiles:

Granite tiles should be sealed with a good sealer after installation. Other than that, it does not need any other type of installation. You may have to seal it from time to time, but that is about it.

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