Ardex Setting Materials

Ardex setting materials are the premium thin-set and other adhesives for marble and tile installation.  Our premium thin-set white and gray is the best in the market.

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Showing 1–20 of 43 results

Ardex thin-set and grout are based on superior German technology. Materials are manufactured by the finest ingredients under precise manufacturing conditions. Ardex is an excellent alternative to Mapei setting materials or Laticrete thin-set.

Ardex white thin-set is recommended for white marbles or light color stones. This will make the tile look lighter and realistic as the stone itself.

Our thin-set also comes in premium white as well as a builder-grade gray color.  In addition, we offer N23 which is a nonwater based thin-set for green marbles like Verde Shanna, Taiwan Green marble,  or Nero Marquina black marble. Non-water based thin-set is perfect for white marbles which may be sensitive to subfloor staining.

Ardex produces two types of grout both unsanded and sanded.  These grouts are particularly good in matching tile colors imported by  Grout joint and grout quality are extremely important in making your project look complete.  Grout is very visible and it needs to be top quality.  Some poor quality grout may not have a long shelf life.

Sanded grout is used for natural stones which may require a large joint like rustic travertines, tumbled stones, or french patterns in travertine. When grout size is big, you will need a sanded grout that will maintain a large area bond.  Unsanded grout may crack in large joints as the water dries out.

Unsanded grout is needed for ceramic tiles, and glass tile products as it may scratch the surface.

Finally,  be sure to use a grout release or sealer first on natural stones with holes or unfilled travertine.  Grout release will make cleaning grout easy.

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