Asian Statuary Marble

Asian Statuary marble comes from one of the largest white marble quarries in the World.  This quarry produces large blocks and that enables large uniform tiles and various mosaics.

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Showing all 10 results

This marble has translucent qualities that give plenty of depth and character.

Our collection of Asian Statuary marble comes in 12×24 tiles, 12×12 tiles, and matching mosaics like 1×1, herringbone mosaics, and basketweave mosaics.

Marble slabs in this material are available seasonally.  Winter months in this quarry makes production difficult for large slabs. When slabs are available they are spectacular.  Matching slabs and tiles make any bathroom project stand out.

Discover our accessories in Statuary marble such as arabesque shape tiles, teardrop shape, or hexagons.  All of these can be used on floors and walls.

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