Vivaldi Porcelain

Wood-look porcelain or Vivaldi porcelain tiles, as they are better known, are tiles of matte finish used to achieve the appearance of hardwood floors in rustic, modern homes and commercial centers. These tiles look so great and give the feel of real hardwood floors that they can also be installed in themed restaurants and diners to exude a natural, homely essence.

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Showing all 4 results

If you’re planning to install the flooring of your lake house but you’re hesitating because of a tight budget, you can opt for these tiles to mimic the hardwood appearance without breaking your banks. Not only the colors of these tiles resemble real-time wood but also their texture, which is artificially created to stop you from missing the hardwood flooring.

The Vivaldi porcelain tiles are easy to clean and maintain, as well as quite pet-friendly. Just take a mop and a bucket of soapy water to wipe them clean every week. While traditional hardwood is susceptible to damages by scratches and water, the Wood look tiles are resistant to both. Therefore, these tiles are way more durable than traditional hardwood. You can also install these tiles in high-traffic areas, as they seldom get scratched or show signs of wear.

At the Stone Tile Depot, your one-stop store for all kinds of tiles and related products, you can get your hands on four different shades of the Vivaldi porcelain tiles namely, Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter matter finishes. They represent each season with their characteristic veining, patterns, and textures, thus spoiling you with choices. With our 20+ years of experience in this field, we make sure you don’t have any complaints regarding the quality of the products you purchase. In case you do, we are also ready to return your money within 30 days, as mentioned in our 30-days money-back guarantee, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

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