Xl Porcelain

Large Size Porcelain tiles offer numerous advantages to homeowners and commercial building owners without burning a hole in their pockets. These sturdy, frost-resistant tiles are inherently beautiful and suitable for installing on the floors and walls of any space.

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Showing all 6 results

Be it the living room, lounge area, bathrooms, kitchens, and common spaces. With their low water-absorption property, they can be installed on kitchen backsplashes and shower walls without worrying about losing their integrity. The porcelain tiles have a PEI rating of 4-5 and thus are suitable for installing in high-traffic areas. Being highly durable, these tiles don’t scratch easily and are also resistant against stains and abrasive cleaning agents, falling loads and fire, making them one of the most affordable choices for both residential and commercial spaces.

The XL Porcelain tiles available at the Stone Tile Depot are large-scale tiles that offer uniformity and continuity in any given space. They exude the essence of spaciousness and can take the appearance of the space to the next level. These XL porcelain tiles are apt for kitchen, bathrooms, and other small areas that can be covered with a single slab, thus ensuring uniformity and high technical performance. The visual continuity offered by the large-scale porcelain tiles is apt for commercial spaces, like restaurants, hotel lounges and receptions, public washrooms, and shopping malls. These are also easier and faster to install than separate blocks or slabs of porcelain tiles.

As you can see below, we offer a variety of XL or large size porcelain tiles that you can get at quite pocket-friendly rates. When it comes to quality, our one-stop store for all kinds of tiles has a reputation for providing our customers with exceptional-quality products. We also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to all our customers, in case you don’t feel satisfied with the quality of the delivered product. This apart, we also have a brilliant customer query-handling team that goes the extra mile to resolve all your queries and doubts regarding a purchase. Take your time to select the products and enjoy the numerous economical and other benefits that come with them.

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