Zebrino Marble

A superior-quality tile that comes with the inherent advantages of marble, Zebrino marble has a striking appearance that resembles the skin patterns of zebra, just as the name implies. With its origins in Italy, this tile is highly popular in the US household, as well as large commercial spaces that put elegance, sophistication, and aesthetics at the top of their priority list.

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Showing all 2 results

With the characteristic thicker veins on white backgrounds, the Zebrino marble tiles are best-suited for installing in the exteriors and serve brilliantly as building stones, pool decks, walls, floors, and paving, thus taking their brilliance to another level.

Available in creamy or white textures, these unique marble tiles are highly durable, resistant to scratches, cracks, and fallen loads, thus finding a variety of uses in the commercial and residential buildings. When installed properly, they can serve you for years at a stretch without requiring too much maintenance or too many repairs. Being a natural stone, there’s no doubt about the quality of the Zebrino marble tiles that increase the value of the space they are installed in.

At the Stone Tile Depot, you can purchase these inherently-beautiful tiles in bulk without draining your resources. Our 20+ years of experience enable us to deliver superior quality products to our customers, and we are so sure of the quality that we also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to make sure you have your money’s worth. We also have one of the fastest shipping policies in the industry and an exceptional customer-support team both pre and post-purchase.

You can always reach us with your relevant doubts and queries about the products or your purchase on the whole. When you’re making a bulk purchase of Zebrino marble or any other tile at the Stone Tile Depot, we go the extra mile to offer lucrative deals and discounts on the purchase. So what are you waiting for? Select the product and get on with your construction or renovation endeavor today!

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