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How to Create Country Feel with Cottage Stone Floor Tiles

Creating a country cottage look and feel is not very difficult. In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks to reach that goal with cottage stone floor tiles. There are a lot of people that enjoy the sleek and modern architecture city life can offer. But also there are just as many that [...]
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Natural Stone Care Tips For Hygiene

Natural Stone Care became more than important than ever, in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The term hygiene is now more relevant now, not just personal hygiene, but for hygiene, in our general way of life because the virus thrives and spreads on unclean surfaces. Easy to keep clean [...]

Natural Stone Cleaners in time of COVID-19

In this article, we'll talk about "Natural Stone Cleaners".  Because hygiene has never become so important throughout history as we are living strange days because of this infectious virus named "COVID-19". Many Americans rushed to the stores and almost emptied the shelves of supermarkets that [...]

Picking Stone Floors

Picking Stone Floors can be a daunting task. What size? What color? What finish? All are good questions that need answering.  Here are a few ideas to help you out.1. Think about size and space.  What is the size and shape of the space? 1000 square feet in a perfect rectangle is easy to [...]
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Four Tips for Selecting a Granite Counter top!

Four Tips for selecting a granite counter top start with knowing the difference between light and dark color granites.  Dark colors are harder and will scratch and stain a lot less. Lighter colors are more desirable by interior designers and more appealing. However, they may absorb more water [...]