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Cento Per Cento Ceramic Collection

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The Cento Per Cento tiles are elegant and sophisticated, meant for minimalist interiors/exteriors in residential and commercial properties. If you love classic appearances, you may find these tiles the best to meet your choices and preferences.

They have a 3D appearance, making any space look larger than it already is. Although simplistic, these tiles are best for congested areas, as they make them appear more spacious. You can install these tiles in your kitchens and bathrooms, as these places are generally packed with too many items. Small living rooms having a lot of furniture can also look amazing with the Cento Per Cento tiles. These tiles are mostly available in lighter shades and pastel tones, best for summer homes, receptions, restaurants and small diners, and similar places. You may also install them on the exteriors, like water features, swimming pool decks, pave ways, and driveways. These are hard, scratch-resistant tiles that do not wear easily.

Our collection of Cento Per Cento tiles at the Stone Tile Depot is quite impressive and affordable at the same time. Available in a variety of shades and styles, they are fit for the floors and walls of any residential and commercial place. You can also get multicolored Cento Per Cento ceramic tiles at our store without breaking your banks. As we offer promotional discounts on almost every bulk purchase, you can save a lot on your initial budget. On top of that, our 30-days money-back guarantee offers maximum assurance regarding the quality of the tiles.

If you are not happy with the same, you can return it within 30 days, as per the policy. Check out details of the policy at the bottom of this page. Our customer service team is always ready to hear your queries, so do not be hesitant to contact us. On order from our store, you will get your deliveries within the shortest span, as managed by our fast shipping policy. Explore the variety of options below and make your choice!