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Glida Ceramic

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The Glida ceramic variety is best suited for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, pool decks, and exterior water features, in short, moisture-prone areas of a property. These tiles have a brilliant appearance, shiny and glossy, and available in a range of colors.

Sturdy, durable, and elegant, they can give a luxurious appeal to any space. You can also install these tiles in study rooms and children’s bedrooms, as they exude a calm and soothing essence. The colors of these tiles range from dark oceanic blue to emerald green with caramel, grey, mink, and everything in between. As these tiles have a low water absorption rate, you need not apply a sealant when installing them in bathrooms and shower walls. You should know that the beautiful Glida ceramic collection is handmade, just like pottery. Their glazed appearance exudes a dreamlike feel, which makes your property stand out from the crowd. Installing these tiles in the guest bedroom will make them go green in envy.

Our Glida ceramic collection at the Stone Tile Depot is an exclusive one, but not expensive at all. You can use them for residential and commercial applications, depending on your choice and requirements. But you do not have to invest a fortune to make your property appear dazzlingly beautiful with these tiles. We also offer attractive discounts and promotions on most bulk purchases from our store. If you are worried about the quality of these affordable tiles, you need not fret at all. We offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to all our customers so that they can return any product that does not match their quality preferences. We also have a fast shipping policy that ensures on-time deliveries, no matter the location. It is natural to have queries while shopping tiles from an online store. Do not hesitate to call our customer services team to get your queries resolved as soon as possible. Now, once you are ready to shop, explore our exclusive Glida ceramic tiles collection to make your choice.