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Italian Carrara Marble Collection

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1–21 of 25 products

Lustrous and pearly, the Carrara marble is one of the most popular and expensive Italian marble tiles. It has an unmatched polish and looks best in classy and luxurious properties. You can place these tiles in your washrooms and kitchen, but make sure you apply a sealant. All marble tiles have a high water-absorption rate, so sealing them is necessary.

The Italian Carrara marble flaunts a greyish-white surface with grey veins, the basic, conventional look of marble. However, it is the most sought-after marble because of its timeless beauty and elegance that need not be replaced with anything else for decades. With soft and feathery patterns these marble tiles can capture your eyes and your heart at the first glance. The tiles have reflective properties and can make a dark corner appear brighter. Their luminescence is almost an illusion, as you can notice it only if you enter a dark room with Italian Carrara marble installed on the floor and walls. These marble tiles are best suited for bedrooms, living rooms, lounges, external structures, like statues and water fountains, window sills, and staircases. In other words, you can place them almost anywhere. The only thing that you should consider is the rest of the interiors, as these tiles tend to stand out.

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