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Madre Perla, or ‘Mother of Pearls’, as the name implies, is a beautiful Iridescent shell tile, suitable for classic-themed homes and commercial properties, like beach hotels, holiday homes, diners, and restaurants.

White as pearl beads, these smooth and polished tiles can be installed on the floors, walls and deck areas of residential and commercial properties alike. Like all shell tiled, these exude a coastal essence and make any room appear brighter with their reflective abilities. One of the most desirable mosaics of the decade, the Madre Perla Iridescent shell tiles are luxurious and sophisticated, a little expensive at times. However, they are worth every penny of your investment, as they can make your home or business area a center of attraction and envy. If you like to give a distinctive and unique appearance to your home without going the marble or granite way, these tiles can be your best bet. You can even make a small room appear bigger by installing these tiles. Hang images of the ocean and coastal areas on the walls to enhance the effect.

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