How to clean glazed porcelain tile?

Maintaining glazed porcelain tile is fairly simple. Porcelain tile boasts a high stain resistance which means spills and splashes are usually no match for the material. Porcelain tile has a reputation for being almost completely non-porous, so most of the time the tile will only need a regular wipe down with a clean soft cloth and a mild cleanser. If you prefer to go all natural with cleaning, you can clean your glazed porcelain kitchen tile with a mixture of warm water and plain white vinegar (diluted to half-strength). Be sure to wipe down glazed porcelain wall tile regularly – as soon as you notice staining or buildup. If your glazed porcelain tile is applied to flooring, mop with a mixture of warm water and cleansing solution regularly. If you have serious damage, you need to consult to professionals.