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Glass tiles are essentially thin cut pieces of glass that have a layer of translucent glaze added to the back of each tile. Glass tile can be sold in individual pieces or pre-arranged into a pattern or mosaic layout set onto a mesh backing.

Mosaic glass tiles are most often applied to walls, backsplashes, and countertops. Some glass tiles can also be applied to floors depending on their durability.

Many love the aesthetic appeal of glass kitchen tile backsplashes and bathroom vanity backsplashes. Glass shower tiles are also popular.

Yes, glass tiles can be pricey. Many site costs and installations range between $20 and $30 per square foot, so even small projects can add up pretty quickly.

More often than not, glass tile is more expensive than ceramic tiles. Although both glass tiles and ceramic tiles are exceptionally beautiful, glass tiles require professional installation. Furthermore, glass tiles can only be applied by those who have extensive experience, so installation costs will be higher.

In most cases, glass tile will be more expensive than porcelain tile. However, you can find affordable glass tile options at Stone Tile Depot, where we place quality and price on the same scale.

Glass tiles can be found in a wide array of patterns. You can purchase glass tile in a standard square shape or select geometric glass tile that is cut into more unique and intricate shapes like circles, triangles, and diamonds. If you want a design that features a more abstract look, there are also irregular pieces of glass tile to choose from.

Yes, glass tile is non-porous and is a great choice for showers. Glass tile can also be installed in swimming pools.

Poorly cleaned glass can show water spots, but drying them with a clean soft cloth will remove them easily.

Glass tiles are completely waterproof. Therefore, they will not buckle or become warped by moist conditions over time.

Glass tiles are non-porous, so they do not require sealing.

Although glass tiles are durable, they will crack under excessive amounts of weight.

Both glass and ceramic tiles are popular. However, glass tiles tend to be easier to maintain than ceramic tiles. They are waterproof, beautiful, and easier to clean. On the other hand, ceramic tiles come in a variety of designs and patterns. They're also usually cheaper. Ultimately, it comes down to aesthetic taste and tile usage.

Yes. Glass tile will require the expertise of skilled installers. DIYing glass tile installation can result in a huge financial waste of materials, so it’s best to stick to the professionals.

The main advantages of glass tile are that it is waterproof, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Additionally, it has rich tones and a luminous quality that gives it a unique aesthetic.

Yes. Glass floor tile isn’t very common, but there are cuts of tile that can be applied to floors. They should only be installed in low-traffic areas like bathrooms.

Glass floor tiles can be slippery. However, glass mosaic tiles have enough grouting to reduce slipping, making them better suited for floors.

Glass tile is fairly simple to clean. Most glass tiles only require glass cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dust and debris from their surface.

Yes. Glass tiles make lovely additions to kitchens. Beautiful glass backsplash tiles adds a reflective quality to kitchens that other materials cannot mimic.

No! Glass tiles have been and continue to be one of the most coveted materials for interior design. Glass tile is just as beautiful and popular as ever. Their unique beauty has a timeless quality.

Discover our tiles in many styles and colors. We carry all types of tiles, such as subway tile, glass wall tile, glass mosaics, and decorative elements. Glass tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom wall tiles, and other decorative tile applications. Also, some of them can be used as swimming pool tiles; check out swimming pool tile ideas 2023, or the perfect guide for pool tiles.

It is easy to clean and maintain them.  Our tiles include both back-painted tiles as well as solid-color tiles. Our quality is superior to most other competitors. We only import top-quality tiles with a solid body thickness of 8mm or thicker.

Glass mosaics of all shapes and sizes are available as a matching accessory for your next project.  We stock popular shapes such as. 1x1 glass mosaics, 1x2 herringbone mosaic, and arabesque shape glass.

Advantages of Glass Tiles

  • It is easy to maintain
  • Glass is perfectly impervious to any oil, acid, or staining.
  • A most practical surface covering material.
  • Affordable in stores directly from factory tile companies.
  • Easy to install.
  • If you want to read more about the advantages of glass tiles, here is a good source.

    Installation of Glass Tiles

    We recommend using a good quality thin-set or adhesive such as Mapei or Laticrete.  These manufacturers have all kinds of specialty installation materials as well as specialty grout.

    You should use unsanded grout when you finish your tile installation. We recommend grout from Ardex.

    Where to Use?

    Some of the glass tiles are good to be used for outdoor purposes. Anti-slip glass tiles are perfect as most desired swimming pool tiles. For the wet areas such as shower, bathroom or kitchen backsplash, they are preferred because of their dirt resistance. Their non-porosity makes them resistant to bacteria or mildew to hold on the surface. Mostly they are used in residential and commercial walls and floors, except for the best pool tiles.