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How To Choose Shower Wall Tile

When it comes to bathroom design, picking bathroom tile options can be a minefield. Shower wall tile has its criteria apart from the shower floor tile. It would be best to consider when selecting your bathroom shower tile ideas. The same tile on the floor tile area of the shower can be different from the shower walls. After all, you have to look at it every day when you shower!

Ideal Properties Of Shower Tiles

There are ideal properties when choosing your shower wall tile and shower floor tile, and each is different according to the material.

Shower Wall Tile Materials

You can choose from marble tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, glass tile, cement tile, or porcelain tiles for your shower wall tile in varying sizes, from larger tiles to small tile sizes. You can create a feature wall as a focal point to your shower area with decorative tile or have the same tile size. The accent tile is another tile option for shower walls, and a shower niche is a great way to add a spa-like vibe.

Shower Wall Tiles

Shower tiles are available in different sizes, colors, and materials depending on the design of the bathrooms; the shower surrounds can extend over the bath rim and merge with flooring linings.


As a shower enclosure, walk-in shower, or wet room, there are considerations to be taken to prepare installation to decrease the risk of water damage. That is why shower wall tile is fundamental to consider. The wall tiles within your bathroom walls also serve as a backsplash, protecting your bathroom wall surfaces against moisture and water damage.

Decorative and Practical

Ideally, your tile choice should not be only decorative but practical. Shower tile installation costs can be considered when choosing bathroom tile options wisely for your entire bathroom. Whether you are after a shower with a: fun color scheme, matte finish tile, glossy finish tile, or to add texture, cleaning and easy maintenance are at the top of the list when picking shower tile.

Slip Resistance

Slip resistance tile is a consideration for a shower floor tile. However, it is worth bearing this in mind if you choose to incorporate the same tile on the shower walls.

Bathroom Tile Budget

The budgeting process helps you determine your bathroom design planning goals and parameters. Once you’ve decided how much money you should be spending, you will need to select the shower size of the shower room or shower walls you’ll be covering with tiles. Also, consider taking into account wastage factors. A clever bathroom tile installation contractor can use the wastage for accent tile areas in the bathroom.

Shower Details

Great wall details in a shower include moldings, shelves, trimmings, shower surround and baseboard, and base trimmings in the same stone, marble, or ceramic. You may wish to create an accent with your detailed finishing. These details can skylift the value of your bathroom shower project, which is worth considering for property developers and homeowners.

Properties Desired in a Shower Tile

Properties Desired in a Shower Tile
Bardiglio Gray Honed Porcelain Tile 12×24, Stone Tile Depot


When it comes to the look of your bathroom and shower, what it looks like is top of the list for people after the practicality and durability of shower tile.

Shower tile material

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile
Black Polished 1×1 Marble Mosaic Tile 12×12, Stone Tile Depot


Mosaic tile comes in glass, marble, stone, and ceramic options. In many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, mosaic comes with a backing that is easy to install and, therefore, a popular shower wall material.

Ceramic shower tile

Ceramic shower tile
Blanco Real Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile 2×6, Stone Tile Depot


A glazed ceramic tile is an excellent option for showers as it’s water-resistant. Easy to clean tile, glazed ceramic is a shower wall material go-to. Ceramic tile is a favorite for showers with many colors, shapes, designs, and size options. Consider using colored grout lines for white tiles if you are put off by cleaning routines. For example, a white subway tile can look dramatic with black grout lines on a shower wall.

Porcelain shower tile

Porcelain shower tile
Carrara Blanco Polished Porcelain Tile 12×24, Stone Tile Depot


Porcelain tiles are very highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. The fantastic advances in porcelain tiles mean that you now can get:

At great prices and easy to install, porcelain tile is no longer considered the faux no-no of surface materials for bathrooms, seeing its way into high-end residential bathrooms and five-star hotel bathrooms. It looks like the real thing!

Glass shower tile

Glass shower tile
Opalo White Polished Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile 11 3/4×11 1/2, Stone Tile Depot

Image: Opalo White Polished Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile 11 3/4×11 1/2, Stone Tile Depot

Glass shower tile generally comes in a small format easy to install format. In various colors, and shapes like mosaic squares to pebbles, it looks great on a shower wall creating a shimmering effect. Unique, quirky shower glass is a great option.

Marble shower tile

Calacatta T Honed Marble Tile 2 3/4×5 1/2, Stone Tile Depot


Marble shower tile is a very popular luxury bathroom surface material. Depending on the size of your shower, you can go for a large slab like a book-match marble on the shower wall in a large wet room. For more minor showers using large-scale tiles or waterjet, decos can make your shower appear larger and add visual interest. You may also consider using marble mosaics for their incredible designs and patterns, from organic reflections of nature to bold abstract geometric forms. Or commission a marble mosaic from us for your perfect bathroom. Marble is the ultimate luxury bathroom tile, from famous Italian white marble to rare dark and colorful marble.

Stone shower tile

Stone shower tile


Stone has an earthy appeal as a shower tile that connects you to the outdoor environment. The natural stone has an authentic, almost humble quality, so people love using this stone tile in showers. The stone is an impressive tile option for the shower, from larger tiles to small mosaic stone tiles, in neutral tones to dark colors and various textures. You can use the same material on the shower walls and floor, or one tile in stone and a different shower tile material as a border or shower surround.

Cement shower tile

Handmade Ingot Honed Cement Tile 8×8, Stone Tile Depot

Cement tile has many modern shapes and bold patterns that make it a popular choice for modern bathrooms. It also is suitable for an industrial or architectural look in large format tiles in grey cement color.


Although appearance may be the initial factor to consider before installing shower wall tiles, you will need to consider other aspects like tile size for your shower walls.

The tile size is crucial to your choice. Even with traditional shapes like squares or rectangles, there are many dimensions of your choice for proportion. The look of a large rectangular shower wall tile can be quite different from a small rectangular shower tile. For example, it will also look different in an enclosed shower area compared to an open planned wet room.

Color Scheme

Tiles are available in any color you want. The choice of colors is vast and worth being a starting point when choosing your shower tile. Vibrant colors and patterns can be used over the shower wall or as accent tiles with other plainer field tiles. Whites and neutrals can be brought to life by textured stone in mosaic tile or a marble tile with interesting marble veins running through it. When choosing a tile, use color as a starting point.

Final Thoughts

So we hope this article has shown you how to choose shower wall tile for your next bathroom remodeling project. We have many bathroom shower tile ideas at Stone Tile Depot, which makes picking bathroom tiles easy. Get in touch today to discuss your shower tile requirements and tile samples.