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The Elegant Italian Carrara Marble

Italian Carrara Marble is one of the most well-known natural stones in the world. Carrara is an Italian city, located in the north-west part of Italy where modern-day Tuscany resides. These marble quarries were very famous throughout human history.

History of Italian Carrara Marble

When the Roman Empire invaded Carrara in the early days of the 2nd century B.C.; the Carrara marble was being used across all Roman Empire. That made this beautiful white marble more famous on the continent.

It is believed that the word Carrara was derived from the Latin word “carriage” which means quarries. Carrara marble was widely used during the Roman Empire and also Renaissance.

Pantheon is a good example that shows the beauty and elegance of this Italian Marble.

It was constructed using Italian Carrara Marble. Sculptures used “Carrara” to make their eternal art pieces. Today there are more than 650 stone quarries in Carrara, of which most of them are abundant and not functioning.

Features of Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is still very popular and widely used. This beautiful stone has typically a uniform character. It has an intense white-to-grey ground color, luminescent grains, as well as subtle yet soft blue-grey veining. This stunning natural stone is absolutely an honorable material, prized for its elegance, toughness, as well as shiny surface.

According to Earth Observatory, “Marble’s origins hinge on aquatic organisms that leave their calcite-rich shells when they pass away. As water bodies vaporize, these deposited remains turn into sedimentary rock. The extreme pressure and heat cause it to transfigure into marble if the sedimentary rock gets buried under multi-ton layers of rock.

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How does it form in nature?

The marble developed from the purest limestone is the white marble attribute of Carrara. It is this in-depth chemical process that offers Carrara marble its “waxy” surface– a treasured visual among carvers who want to simulate a human likeness.

Latest Trend Italian White Marbles

In present-day art and design, Carrara marble is made used to evoke sensations of relaxing luxury. It’s grand charm and regal status remain unparalleled, as well as it has gained prominent credibility for its ageless charm and sophistication.


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