Limestone or Travertine. What is Better?

What is better to use as a flooring material, Limestone or Travertine? This is a constant question raised by architects, designers, builders and homeowners. The answer is a bit more complicated than it appears at first glance. In fact, you eventually come to realize that answering this is an “art” as much as it is a “science”. Some thought must be put into making decisions regarding these two materials. So let’s dive in.

The geology is simple. Both of the stones are considered to be sedimentary rock. This is one of the three major groups including igneous and metamorphic stones. Travertine is in fact a type of limestone! Science aside, both materials are typically light in color and have been used for centuries. Limestone is usually more uniform in physical characteristics.  Travertine can often times present with voids or holes that may or may not have been filled. Both are usually polished or honed but react slightly differently to each process.


In terms of the durability and maintenance of each, it would be simple to say limestone is better since it is usually denser. But this is where the “art vs. science” comes in. The real question is what are the expectations of the end user? The issue must be resolved on a case by case basis since there is no “cheat sheet” to check out that gives you a cool “if/then” performance guide. This is where professional help is most important. The needs of the project must be weighed in total to determine the stone to be used. is a factory direct store that provides wholesale and retail store services for natural stone, man-made stone and tile. So why not talk to an expert? Contact us now and lest us help you answer the question, limestone or travertine!