Marble Look Porcelain Tile

Marble has been the most important building material of choice for thousands of years. Marble tiles change the mood of your home and provide a more livable environment with elegant touches.

Nowadays, there is another preferred material like marble tiles: Marble look porcelain tiles. With this tile selection, you can enrich your bathroom, kitchen and all habitable areas of your house by using marble look porcelain tiles. What’s more you can do this without having to allocate very high budgets like marble tiles. Because a very important feature of marble look porcelain tiles is that they are much cheaper than marble tiles.

Stone Tile Depot website, both marble tiles and marble look porcelain tiles are presented to your liking.

Carrara Honed&rectified 12x24

$3.75 / per sqft In Stock

Calacatta Polished 12x24

$1.65 / per sqft In Stock

Marfil Real Polished 24x48

$1.95 / per sqft In Stock

Porcelain tiles are among the popular building materials of recent times. Porcelain tiles are obtained from clays, which are the gifts of nature. The porcelain tiles of marble clays obtained by firing of clay clays are available on our website.