Limestone Mosaics

It’s hard to go wrong with a limestone mosaic. We offer beige, white, green, and multicolor variants that will suit any living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Our mosaic pieces come in six different finishes, with smooth textures like our honed or polished styles, and rough textures like our rock face or split face offerings.


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Honed or matt finish is the most commonly available finish.  In addition, this finish hides all foot traffic well.These are perfect for shower walls, bathroom walls, and floors. This material wears traffic well and it requires low maintenance.  Herringbone is one of the most popular types of mosaics.  In ancient times, mosaics were hand clipped. Today, modern manufacturing enables factories to produce large quantities very efficiently.They come either face taped or mesh-mounted.  You can keep mesh on top of the installation. Whereas, tape has to be removed after tile installation.  As an example, the tape makes installation a lot easier and most installers prefer this.Our limestone mosaics are small touches that can be used to breathe some fresh air into a room. They’re clean, simple, and easy to fit in spaces of any size. Since we offer eight different size variants, they’re easy to install in the smallest bathroom or the largest kitchen.