Gray Marble

Gray marble mosaics are a nice transition from light to dark colors.  This has not been trendy historically,  but that trend is changing.  Older well-known marbles like Bardiglio or Bardiglio Nuvolato has been around for centuries. Most of these are a small band in white marble quarries. These narrow bands are usually 3 to 6  feet deep and produce a dark vein with some nice movement.

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Athens Grey Light Honed Staggered Joint Marble Mosaic
Size: 9x12x3/8

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Showing 1–20 of 56 results

Tundra gray, Silver shadow and Nestos marble are some of the more popular stones in this category.  Due to its overwhelming colors, they are used in smaller sizes like 12×24 or 12×12.

The most popular finish is honed in this category.  New movement towards textured finished also influenced this segment. For example, many projects use brushed or bush-hammered finish.


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