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1–21 of 96 products
1–21 of 96 products

Marble moldings offer the same kind of elegance you would find in a roman art gallery or an ancient cathedral. We offer our marble in white, green, grey, beige, brown, and black tones. Both honed and polished textures are used to complement or contrast the tile in your home.

They are available in the same finish as the tiles. For example, you should use honed with honed tiles and polished with the same finish.

Base is another popular one.  For instance,  instead of using a wood piece, you should use a real marble one.  Marble does not get wet, and it is easier to clean.

Ogee pieces are excellent to finish kitchen countertops. Traditional kitchen tiles used 4x4 tiles with Ogee pieces around the edge. In addition, an ogee or crown piece is used to dress up half tiles walls. Especially in living rooms crown will protect it against chairs. There are half a dozen size options, making it easy for homeowners to find the perfect fit for their next home improvement project. Whether you want simple molding to close a gap and polish things off, or ornate molding to create a decorative ambiance, we have plenty of styles to offer you.