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  • Paris Honed 18x18 Limestone Tiles
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    Paris Honed 18×18 Limestone Tiles

    List Price: $8.60 per sqft
    From: $3.33 per sqft

    16,751.50 SQFT in stock.

  • Paris Honed 12x12 Limestone Tiles
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    Paris Honed 12×12 Limestone Tiles

    From: $4.23 per sqft

    6,990.00 SQFT in stock.

  • Paris Polished 12x12 Limestone Tiles
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    Paris Polished 12×12 Limestone Tiles

    From: $4.46 per sqft

    1,243.00 SQFT in stock.

  • Paris Honed 24x24 Limestone Tiles
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    Paris Honed 24×24 Limestone Tiles

    From: $4.49 per sqft

    228.00 SQFT in stock.

  • Paris Honed 2 3/4x5 1/2 Limestone Tiles
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    Paris Honed 2 3/4×5 1/2 Limestone Tiles

    From: $4.68 per sqft

    1,633.46 SQFT in stock.

Limestone Tile

Limestone tiles are an ideal choice for residential floors and walls. Limestone tiles are available in soft neutral colors. Limestone tiles mostly come from France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Popular limestone colors include Champagne limestone, Courtaud limestone, Paris limestone, Beumaniere Limestone, Indiana limestone, Texas limestone. Honed limestone tiles are the most popular finish for limestone tiles. Most popular sizes are 18×18 tiles, 12×24 tiles, and 24×24 tiles.
We recommend sealing limestone tiles with several coats of a good sealer. Most limestone has 2-5% absorption rate and several coats of sealer may be necessary. Limestone is recommended mostly for interior residential applications.

Limestone Finish

Limestone tiles come in different finishes and Stone Tile Depot offers a wide range of limestone finishes including Antiqued limestone, Brushed limestone, Honed limestone, Polished limestone and Sawcut limestone.

Limestone Size

You can order limestone tile in a verity of sizes from 6 * 6 up to 18 * 36. If you’re looking for a special size, please contact our stone specialists at 800 number to get better understanding on available options. Stone Tile Depot as a factory may be able to fulfill your special request on the size and type of natural stone.

Limestone Usage

Limestone tiles can be used for flooring and wall with a luxury look and feel, however it’s not recommended for kitchen because food and alcohol may stain limestone.