Carrara T Rock Face Marble Ledger Panel 6x24

Size: 6x24
Stock: 1832 pcs.
Weight: 11.02 lbs / pcs.
Finish: Rock Face
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Product Size 6x24
Product Length 6"
Product Width 24"
Product Thickness 3/4"
Product Weight 11.02 lbs / pcs.
Material Marble
Color White
Finish Rock Face
Edge Straight Cut
Shape Rectangular
Product Usage
Bath Floors/Walls
Commercial Interior Floors
Commercial Interior Walls
Outdoor Floor
Outdoor Wall
Residential Countertops
Residential Interior Floors
Residential Interior Walls
Shower Floors
Shower Walls
* Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Stone Tile Depot assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.

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