Stone Shower Areas

Stone Shower Areas is a great topic for us to discuss today. Since we are a discount vendor of natural stone, it is important for us to explain and outline some specific usages. So, let’s get started.

It is pretty clear that a shower area, where the wet walls and the shower floor, are covered in natural stone is pretty elegant. We should consider some practical facts if you want to make that happen.

Water and the Floor. 

Naturally, water is everywhere in this environment. So let’s make sure that your shower floors drain properly in order to prevent any standing water conditions that can produce mildew. Staying on the floor for a minute, we also want to make this area relatively non-slip. Using a stone mosaic, where there are spaces or joints filled with grout, can make this a reality. This will take a bit more maintenance but that is mitigated by the use of a simple sealer.

Water and the Walls.

This is a vastly simpler proposition in that slip-resistance is not an issue. Staying with mosaics on the walls is certainly an option. However, think about larger stone tiles cut to fit your wall dimensions. A very cool look and pretty easy to maintain. Take a peek below at a fine Carrara. 

Stone Shower Areas
Italian Carrara Polished 24×24

Carrara marble in mosaics like 2×2 or 1×1 is perfect for all shower floors.  Grout joints in mosaics create a perfect bond for slip resistance on shower floors.  We recommend grout joint of 1/8″ or less to create a perfect shower floor.

Thanks for reading. We hope we have helped with Stone Shower Areas.