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Concrete Look Tiles

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1–21 of 111 products

Concrete-look tiles have become very popular in the last several years due to the increased use of lofts and the more modern apartments in urban areas.

There are several porcelain tile companies to produce these tiles, such as Iris, Fiandre, Marazzi, Dal-Tile, etc. Recent inventions in digital technology provide some of the best materials in the World. High-quality scanners can scan anything and digitally apply these images to large-format porcelain tiles.  The quality is so good; that it is hard to tell the difference between the real thing and digitally produced tiles.

Also, these tiles come in large format tiles such as 24 x 24 or 36 x 36; therefore, they provide a seamless look on large open areas.

Unlike other porcelain tiles, it is tough to tell the pattern of these tiles.

Various qualities in Concrete Look:

The Home Depot, Lowe's, and Floor and Decor carry the first generation of these tiles with lower resolution, material overruns, and a more dull look.

Specialty stores like Stone Tile Depot carry second and third-generation tiles with higher-resolution images. Furthermore, our tiles are calibrated for more precise sizing. Calibrated tiles are 100% square, and this makes the installation easier.

Cement look tiles are superior to encaustic tiles. Encaustic tiles or cement tiles are trendy because they look genuine and natural. However, they have a tendency to stain easily. For all of these reasons, this collection offers the same look without the disadvantages of them.

Porcelain pavers for outdoors are also a nice addition to this style. Concrete tiles outdoors are very popular, but it is hard to get this look in thin tiles.

Finally, you can use a gray thin-set, which is more economical for installation.