Basalt Tiles

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Showing all 3 results

Basalt is a type of volcanic rock that is commonly found in China, Africa, Turkey, and Southern Italy. Basalt blocks are small and they vary a lot in color and texture.  They are cut into slabs and tiles.  This material comes in dark gray and light black colors.  Some of the quarries produce tiles with a concentration of darker colors. These tiles are cut into mosaics and other sizes.

Basalt tiles and mosaics are perfect for a minimalist look for modern lofts, apartments, and other commercial tile projects.

We recommend mixing the shipment of this material before the installation so that you can achieve a good blend before installation. It is an absorbent material and it may require several coats of sealing.

The best selling size of tiles is 12×24 and several mosaics such as penny round, basketweave mosaics, and herringbone mosaics.


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