Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are best suited for floorings, panels, staircases, and other exterior and interior uses in commercial buildings like educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and so on. Their exclusive vintage appearance and expansive stylish features enhance the look and feel of any space. They are also highly preferred because of their inherent longevity, which sometimes surpasses that of the building itself.

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Traditional floors composed of marble chips poured in place in cement beds with some epoxy or other bonding agents. These floors were then polished, and it was trendy in mid-century flooring material. These floors still populate many airports and shopping malls.

This tradition comes from Italy. Specifically Venetian region. It became trendy in the USA early 1900’s. Hollywood, Ca pavements with stars name is one of the best well-known examples with famous stars embedded in them.

These floors are large pads separated by brass strips. Proper material installation requires extremely skilled artisanship and experience. Naturally, it is challenging to find skilled labor. Furthermore, poured in place, it needs deeper floor beds and a lot of logistical challenges.

As a result, these tiles or cement tiles that look-alike became very popular. Our factory produces these tiles with traditional semi hand made lines. These tiles are poured in lines and dried in conventional methods.

The advantage of these tiles is that it is easier to install, and they are thinner. They are also less expensive compared to traditional terrazzo tiles. You can also have many designs, or different size color chips in comparison to real floors.

Disadvantages of them: these tiles come in mostly 8×8 size, and you may see some grout joints. Real floors can have a joint free section up to. 6 ft by ft.

Terrazzo tiles must be sealed initially and periodically. Terrazzo is a cement-based product, and it will be absorbent, but it will wear traffic well, and it will last a long time.

Miami Airport or Washington National airport has beautiful terrazzo floors with brass inserts of figures, start, and constellation in them.

Why is terrazzo a good material for floors?

Real Terrazzo floors don’t have as many joints however, they require a lot of maintenance like polishing these floors periodically with a marble polished. Obviously, in everyday residential use, this is not practical.

How do you make homemade terrazzo tiles?

They are made with aggregate chips sorted, cleaned, washed, dried, and then poured in a cement bed. They are let to dry and then they are polished.

Why does terrazzo crack?

If the cement bed is not cured properly, it may crack. However, recent trends included epoxy mix in it, and that prevents cracking.

Why is it so expensive?

it is a very laborious and it requires a lot of very skilled workers.

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