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Top Ten Deals You Don’t Wanna Miss on Stone Tile Depot

In this article, we make things easy for you. We’ve made a list of our top ten deals that you don’t wanna miss. Although there are many avenues available to those searching for tiles, not all of the platforms will offer the choice many are searching for. We understand how important choice is, which is why it strives to offer a wide choice of rare and popular tiles that can fit it with any project perfectly.

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We ensure all our products are affordable. We are keen to aid customers whenever possible, which is why we can offer discounts on the following ranges, meaning that your project is now more affordable.

  1. Black Galaxy Polished Granite Tiles

If you are someone that feels at peace when looking at the night sky, then why not bring the allure of the stars into your home courtesy of the Black Galaxy Polished Granite Tiles. The tiles can be used on many interior walls, including the bathroom, living room, and kitchen, and thanks to a discount are now more affordable than ever.

Black Galaxy Polished 18×18

  1. Tinto Honed Porcelain Tiles

Those wanting to transform the appearance of their bathroom using dark tones can now purchase the gray brushed Tinto Hone Porcelain Tiles that are perfect for interior walls and floors.

Tinto Honed 8×48

  1. Ice Bright Glazed Short Side Bullnose Ceramic Tiles

It is fair to say the dazzle that white offers are not for everyone, but those that enjoy the aesthetic will want to invest all the way. If you are wanting to introduce space into the kitchen or bathroom with ease, then why not choose the Ice Bright Glazed Short Side Bullnose Ceramic Tile.

Ice Bright Glazed 3×6 Short Side Bullnose

  1. Bianco Opale Polished Marble Tiles

Are you a fan of white tiles but searching for something with added character? Then why not consider the Bianco Opale Polished Marble Tiles that can be used solely, or in conjunction with other tiles to create a truly tailored impression.

Bianco Opale Polished 24×24

  1. Chiaro Vein Cut Honed and Filled Travertine Tiles

Inspirations for makeovers can come from several sources. Some may take influence from the elements. Whereas others may want to introduce the rustic nature of the outdoors into the home. The Chiaro Vein Cut Hones and Filled Travertine Tiles deliver an outdoor aesthetic that can be used in many ways around the home.

Chiaro Vein Cut Honed&filled 12×24

  1. Seagrass Honed Limestone Tiles

We offer several colors when it comes to tile, but also a wide choice of textures. Those searching for an earthier atmosphere in the home resistant to scratches should consider using Seagrass Honed Limestone Tiles, especially within areas with high foot traffic, including the bathroom.

Seagrass Honed 4×4

  1. Vanity Top Cabinets

Are you searching for storage that can be used almost anywhere in the home? Are you also wanting to ensure that the cabinet you use is premium and constructed from high-grade materials? Then look no further than the Vanity Top Cabinets.

Linen White&light Walnut 28 5/8×21 3/4 Mondrian

There are several finish options, including Fresh White and Light Walnut. It can be used for a sole makeover or part of a bigger project. What is more, there has been a substantial discount applied. This makes the Vanity Top Cabinet a premium but affordable addition to the home.

  1. Sand Dune Marble Vanity Cabinets

We have a wide array of tiles on offer for those wanting to transform their home. We also ensure there is plenty of storage available thanks to several available cabinets.

Sand Dune Sahara 47×21 1/2 Melrose

Those searching for storage that has a modern appeal while still drawing on the past inspiration will love the Sand Dune Marble Vanity Cabinets that can be used within the bathroom or kitchen, and complement a home makeover perfectly.

  1. Tuscany Beige Honed Andorra Travertine Mouldings

There is a lot to consider when changing gears up around the home. And one of the important aspects can be the transition between the floor, walls, and ceilings. If you are searching for moldings that are reliable and affordable, then why not consider the Tuscany Beige Honed Andorra Travertine Mouldings to ensure all transitions are seamless.

Tuscany Beige Honed 2×12 Andorra

  1. Silver Mystique Polished Marble Tile

Silver Mystique Polished 2 3/4×5 1/2

The tiles listed are just some popular ranges currently being sought. We did a list of top ten deals but there is plenty more to experience. Regardless of whether you are seeking to update your abode or give the business a makeover, the perfect tile can always be found at Stone Tile Depot.