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Arabesque Tile Backsplash

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The Arabesque design of tiles has Arabic and Moorish origins. It is quite organic in appearance. It contains interconnected flowing lines that can be installed on flooring, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops, etc. Ornamental in appearance, it is the best option, if you have a knack for exquisite tiling designs. Arabesque tiles mostly stand out for their unique shape and are available in a variety of materials. Ranging from porcelain to glass, cement to ceramic, you can get this design in all varities. You may also get these tiles in marble, except that the latter can be a little expensive. The Arabesque design may look traditional at the first glance, but it can match contemporary taste, depending on the interiors. For example, if the theme shade of your kitchen walls and flooring is grey, you can opt for honed marble waterjet tiles to enhance the effect.

Best places to install Arabesque tiles

The Arabesque design is best for bathrooms and kitchens, as you already know. However, you can even install these over fireplaces, or even use them as living room décor. Most of the time, you should install similar tiles on the floors and walls, so that there is a consistency in appearance. Although the Arabesque tile designs appear classic, many contemporary kitchens these days are opting for the same, because of the uniqueness and vibrancy. In bathrooms too, you can give the space a completely different feel with Arabesque tiles. Install these on the shower walls and flooring to make the space stand out in appearance. However, you should choose the material carefully, as these areas can be quite moisture-prone. If you wish to install marble tiles, make sure that you apply a sealant to seal the surface from any kind of moisture damage.

How do these tiles look?

You can create a striking look with the Arabesque floor tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. As these patterns make any place stand out, the onlookers will be in for a visual treat. If you like calmer tones, you can mix two kinds of tiles in the Arabesque pattern, one more vibrant and the other neutralizing its effect. If ornamental is your thing, then, the Arabesque design is just what you need. But the flexibility of the patterns allows you to experiment with different styles, materials, and shades.

Why to buy Arabesque backsplash tiles from us

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