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Backsplash tiles are used in kitchen backsplashes. This is the area referred to between your kitchen cabinet and countertop. There are two ways of finishing this space with tile. Traditional method was doing a 4" strip of stone (typical leftovers from your countertop ) with a polished edge.

However, recent trends and more use of kitchens increased the need for tiling all the way to the cabinet. This is quite practical in the sense that the entire space is tiled and it will not get wet.

The kitchen backsplash tile is one of the most visible parts of the kitchen and for that matter the house. Vertical spaces are a lot more visible then horizontal spaces.

What are the most popular tiles for kitchen backsplashes:

-4" or 6" stone strip with a polished edge

-Subway tile, or other smaller size tiles like 4x4 or. 6x6

-Running bond mosaics. This is another term for the staggered joint. Where joints are not lined up.

-Varying mosaics like slides, where pieces are all different sizes and shapes. They are mounted on sheets for ease of installation.

-Hand made or painted tile with various motives like farm animals, floral designs, or contemporary mosaics.

-Glass and stone mix mosaic sheets. You can literally have hundreds of options to chose from. Glass tiles can be glossy, matt, or textured. The same is true for integrating stone mosaics.

What are the dos and dont's  of backsplash tiles:

-Don't use tiles with a lot of grout joints. They may be more difficult to clean.

-Do chose tiles in multiples of 3" or 6" increments. Most backsplashes are. 18" and using multiples of that size make installation easier and not too many cuts.

-Do chose tiles that contrast or complement your countertop and your cabinet. In design, you can choose either a contrasting color like black and white , or complementary color like. tan mosaics with brown countertops.

-Do keep some spare tiles. In case you want to replace some tiles, it is good to have matching tiles. It may be difficult to find an exact match to an old tile later on.

Backsplash area can be combined with oven hoods and other areas of the kitchen.  Custom homes usually have open kitchens with an adjoining living room or family room. You can put tiles in bar areas next to kitchens and it is a good idea to combine tiles in a coordinated design.  For example, if you use beige granite countertops you may want to use cream color glass tiles or tumbled travertine tiles.

Grout joint for backsplash tiles should be small so that It is easier to clean them.  You can choose among many types of mosaics like penny rounds, staggered joint tiles, and small square mosaics