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Thassos Extra18"x18"x1/2"Polished Marble Tile

$35.91 / sq. ft.
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Also known as the Snow White marble, the Thassos white is a beautiful natural stone tile for residential and commercial properties alike. It can be installed on the floors and walls of living spaces, lounge areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and of course, restrooms.

You can also install the tiles on window sills, staircases, exterior features like water fountains, statues, and landscape decorations. These are cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive marble tiles in the market with their elegance and beauty no less than those. It is a highly versatile natural stone that originated in Greece but is popular throughout the world today. Homeowners with budget constraints opt for this amazing variety of marble to meet their renovation needs without breaking their banks. The way these tiles reflect light helps make any space appear brighter and bigger. A room adorned with the Thassos White marble exudes an essence of peace and tranquillity that anyone will notice. Available in various patterns, from solid slabs to mosaic, these tiles can meet your specific needs effortlessly.

The Stone Tile Depot, of course, has an exclusive collection of the Thassos marble tiles for all its customers. Ours is one of the most varied collections with affordable products that do not mean to burn a hole in your pocket. You can even get additional discounts if you purchase the tiles in bulk. If you are hesitant to do that, because of doubts regarding quality, stay assured that you will never have such issues when you shop from us. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all our customers so that they do not have to suffer from buyer’s remorse. Order from us, and if you do not like the products, just return them. However, it should be noted here that such instances are quite rare at our store. Our customer representatives can help you out regarding such matters and more. Feel free to chat with us, or call our team to resolve your queries.