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Travertine Look Tiles

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Travertine look tiles are porcelain or ceramic tiles that look like the real stone. It is one of the oldest building materials and many factories produce porcelain floor and wall tiles that mimic that look.

The most popular ones are Roman travertine look types. These tiles are high quality digital reproduction tiles.  It is hard to tell the difference when you are far away.

Format of these tiles vary from one factory to another. Traditional size is 12x24 or 24x24. However, recent trends brought planking look in sizes like 6x36 or 8x48.  These tiles should be installed in a staggered format to hide the man made look of them.  Also, these planks should be installed with a grout joint that is at least 1/16".  This joint will make the tiles easier to install.  Porcelain tiles are limited in available finishes. Glossy porcelain tiles, or mat porcelain tiles are the only two choices available from most factories.  Unlike porcelain, real travertine is available in many different sizes and finishes. For example, tumbled finish, or rustic finish is not available.  However, travertine look tiles are an economical solution where budget is limited.

Where can you use travertine look tiles:

Residential floors, residential walls, shower floors, shower walls, backsplashes, and all kinds of floor areas are recommended for commercial applications bathroom floors and walls. New travertine look tiles are available in matching slabs from factories like Iris. Iris traverine porcelain slabs can complement your wall and floor tiles.

What to look for in porcelain tiles that look like travertine?

Travertine look tiles  should have real color depth and feel.  In addition, these tiles are digitally produced and patterns repeat in so many tiles. Typically,  every 36th tile will have the same pattern.  Better quality tiles should have more rotation so that they will look like natural stone.