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Carrara Marble Tile

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Carrara marble is renowned for its high quality and aesthetic appeal, characterized by its fine, delicate veining and classic white or blue-gray appearance. It has been used for centuries in art and architecture, adding elegance and sophistication to any space.

Its unique combination of beauty, durability, and historical significance makes it a highly sought-after material for both residential and commercial applications. Carrara town and mountain is also one of the largest marble reserves in the World.  The quarry is next to the town of Carrara in Tuscany.  It has been quarried since Roman times.

Carrara marble can be considered expensive compared to other types of marble and natural stones due to its high quality and the cost of extraction and processing. However, its price can vary based on factors such as the thickness of the slabs, the quality of the veining, and the size of the project.

Despite the cost, many consider it a worthwhile investment for its timeless beauty and durability. There are many grades and qualities of this marble. There are about  20 quarries with various colors from different levels.

Marble is a broad category of natural stone, while Carrara marble is a specific type of marble quarried from the Carrara region in Tuscany, Italy. Carrara marble is known for its white or blue-gray color and distinctive veining, which sets it apart from other types of marble that may come in various colors and patterns. The unique characteristics of Carrara marble make it a preferred choice for many high-end applications.

Yes, Carrara marble is real marble. It is a natural stone formed from limestone that has undergone metamorphosis, resulting in the beautiful crystalline structure and veining that marble is known for. Carrara marble, in particular, is valued for its quality and has been used in some of the world's most famous sculptures and buildings. Its creamy white background makes it very unique.

High-quality marble typically has a consistent color and pattern, minimal imperfections, and a smooth, polished surface. When inspecting marble, look for uniformity in the veining and an overall balanced appearance. Additionally, high-quality marble should feel cold to the touch and be free from any cracks or weak points.

Carrara marble, known for its fine grain and subtle veining, is often regarded as a benchmark for quality. Quality marble should have a nice ring to it and should not crumble.

Carrara marble, like most marble, is prone to staining due to its porous nature, which can absorb liquids and oils. However, this also depends on the user.

It is important to seal Carrara marble, like most marble surfaces, regularly to help protect against stains. Additionally, promptly cleaning up spills, especially those from acidic substances like wine, coffee, or citrus juices, can help maintain their appearance and prevent staining.

Carrara marble typically comes in shades of white or blue-gray. The classic appearance of Carrara marble includes a white background with soft, feathery gray veining. The specific color and pattern can vary slightly from slab to slab, but the overall aesthetic is one of subtle elegance, making it a popular choice for a variety of design styles. 

Bianco Carrara, Staturetto, and Carrara Marble C are more white compared to other grades. However, these are not standard grades and vary from one marble factory to another marble factory.

Carrara Marble Tile is one of Italy's Tuscany area's most famous and oldest marble quarries. Quarries can be found near the same-named town, and several quarries on the same mountain produce some of the world's most exquisite marble tiles and slabs.

Where can we use Carrara Marble Tiles?

If you are fond of white and wish to redefine your house, you will fall in love with Carrara marble tiles. These tiles are primarily used to construct statues because they look extremely elegant and tough.

But today, Carrara marble tiles are also being used to

  • Redefine the countertops of your kitchen
  • Make your bathrooms look elegant
  • They make your floors look classic and extremely beautiful
  • These tiles are widely used to furnish your house because the fifty shades of white that these tiles are available in ensures that these tiles go well with the interiors of your home, be it classical, modern, ethnic or contemporary.

    Why do we consider buying Carrara Marble Tiles?

    Carrara Marble Tiles makes your house look elegant

    White is the colour of elegance. These tiles are available in fifty different variants of white to go with almost any kind of interior. If you wish to add a touch of elegance to your house, you can opt for Carrara marble tiles.

    Carrara Marble Tiles are worth the investment.

    Carrara marble tiles are highly durable and come with a long shelf life. So, if you are planning to use these tiles in your house, rest assured that you don't need to change them too often, making these tiles cost-effective, and it is definitely worth the money you are investing. Most importantly, if you choose to buy these tiles from us, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Carrara Marble Tiles have a brand value

    If you choose products by their brand value, Carrara marble tiles are for you. They are the most popular brands in marble. They make sure the quality of the marble is not compromised, and they also see to it that people who buy these products are genuinely satisfied. We ensure customer satisfaction through our excellent customer service.

    The best thing about these marbles is that they can be ordered online, so you can conveniently order this marble in bulk and get them delivered at your residential or commercial address. There is no need to get into the hassles of transportation if you buy products from us!

    It is one of the most popular and oldest marble quarries in Tuscany region of Italy.  Quarries are located near the town with the same name. There are multiple quarries in the same mountain producing some of the most beautiful marble tiles and slabs in the World.

    What floor tile goes with Carrara marble?

    You can use this marble by itself  in honed or polished finish. In addition black marble is another popular natural stone choice.

    Is Carrara marble expensive?

    Regular selection is considered a medium price marble tile and slab.

    Is Carrara marble good for showers?

    It is a great material for showers. For shower floors we recommend mosaics of any sort.