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Zellige tiles are a traditional artisanal tile made in Morocco. Made from clay, zellige tiles are a type of terracotta tile with a glazed finish. They are known for their chic, artisanal look. Each zellige tile is handmade, meaning no two tiles are alike.

If you’re searching for an affordable version of zellige tiles, Stone Tile Depot offers beautiful zellige tile lookalikes that are more budget-friendly and easier to maintain. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and consultation with our experts to make planning your dream project as effortless as possible.

Installing zellige tiles is best left to the professionals due to the fragile nature of the Moroccan tile. To install zellige tiles, it’s important to soak the tile before laying them due to their porous nature. You should lay the tiles close together with minimal grout space in between –– that’s the classic zellige tile look.

Zellige tiles are on the expensive side since they are a special item handmade in Morocco. If you’re seeking a more affordable, budget-friendly option, browse our range of zellige-look tiles made from ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta.

You should use grout to lay zellige tiles; however, do not create large grout lines in between each tile. Zellige tiles are typically laid very closely together so that there is minimal grout in between.

To clean zellige tiles, we recommend using a soft, microfiber cloth and a gentle, non-acidic household cleaner or water. Do not use harsh chemicals or rough-textured items to clean the tiles, since they can damage their surface.

In Arabic, the word ‘zellige’ comes from zillij, which means ‘to slide’. The origin of the word refers to the smooth, glossy surface of these Moroccan tiles.

Zellige Lookalike Tiles

If love the classic, artisanal look of Moroccan zellige tiles but are thrown off by the high cost and maintenance, then why not consider some zellige tile lookalikes? Our zellige lookalike tiles made from ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta all have the same gorgeous look as authentic zellige while being more affordable and practical.

Best Zellige Tile Alternatives

When it comes to finding affordable dupes for Moroccan zellige tiles, search no further than ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta tiles. Not only do these beautiful tiles seem exactly like zellige tiles, but they don’t have the same high cost and high maintenance.

Ceramic Zellige-Look Tiles

With so many color and pattern options, ceramic tiles are favored for their versatility and practicality. Our ceramic tiles are similar to zellige tiles yet are more affordable and easier to clean. Perfect for zellige subway tiles, these ceramic tiles come in a variety of glossy finishes that perfectly mimic Moroccan craftsmanship.

Porcelain Zellige-Look Tiles

One of the main advantages of choosing a porcelain zellige tile look is its incredible durability and practicality. While regular zellige tiles can only be installed in low-traffic areas and are prone to chipping, porcelain zellige lookalike tiles are hardwearing and are perfect for flooring installations. Our stunning porcelain tiles from the Fusion Collection have the same unique handmade look that makes zellige tiles so appealing.

Terracotta Zellige-Look Tiles

As Zellige tiles are a form of terracotta tiles, these tiles are the best replacement for their Moroccan counterparts. Literally meaning “baked earth”, terracotta tiles are entirely made of natural clay and have an authentic, organic look to them. Our glazed terracotta tiles seem exactly like zellige tiles and have the same artisanal quality to them. Easy to clean, affordable, and heat-resistant, terracotta zellige-look tiles are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Zellige Tile Styles

There are many different types of zellige tile styles. One of the trending zellige tile styles is the minimalist style, which utilizes beige zellige tiles to create a calming, neutral design. Some other types of zellige tiles are much more vibrant and consist of brilliant jewel tones, like green zellige tiles or blue zellige tiles. These are ideal for anyone who loves a pop of color in their home. There are also traditional zellige tiles that have stunningly complex geometric star patterns.

Affordable Zellige Tiles & Colors

One of the most attractive qualities of Moroccan zellige tiles is the stunning array of organic tones they come in. Thankfully, our range of ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta tiles all capture this alluring essence and have just as versatile a range of options. Here’s our selection for the best zellige lookalike tiles.

White zellige tiles

The Blanco Real Collection of white ceramic tiles is the perfect match for white zellige tiles. These classic tiles come in a range of different designs and patterns, including white subway tiles that are ideal for a white zellige tile backsplash.

Green zellige tiles

Our Seafoam Zellige-Look Terracotta Wall Decos have that mottled, hand-glazed green zellige tile style that’s perfect for nature-inspired interior design styles. Its soft, light-green hue has an alluring look that evokes cleanliness and peace. For a more vibrant shade of green, look no further than the Forest Glossy Zellige Look Ceramic Tile that mimics the emerald-green hues of dense pine forests.

Zellige subway tiles

Zellige subway tiles have a timeless, classic effect that’s certainly in right now. However, their rough edges can make cleaning a kitchen backsplash a hassle. Therefore, consider going for a ceramic subway tile in a zellige-style design. We offer a range of stunning ceramic zellige-look subway tiles in rectangular shapes.

Black zellige tiles

Black zellige tiles create a moody atmosphere that’s instantly appealing. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly replacement, check out our Midnight Glossy Zellige Look Ceramic Tiles, which have a deep black glow. For a slightly lighter hue, the Charcoal Zellige Look Terracotta Wall Decos have a natural design.

Blue zellige tiles

For a chic Mediterranean-style atmosphere, blue zellige tiles are certainly the perfect fit. To capture this stunning atmosphere, browse our selection of blue zellige look tiles. Made from porcelain, the Fusion Acquamarina Polished Zellige Look Tile is not only stunning but also very hardwearing and durable. It suits a wide range of interior installations, especially kitchen backsplashes and zellige bathroom looks.


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