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Marble will never go out of style, owing to its timelessness and elegance. However, the costs may become a little too much to bear sometimes. But if you can afford it, it is simply the best. Even today, you will find marble-tiled bathrooms in posh hotels, boutique resorts, and other commercial and industrial places, sometimes, even in sophisticated households.

Marble tiles can last a lifetime, and marble floors have the longevity of at least 25 years, depending on the type of care and maintenance.

Experts do not recommend it. Although you may apply a sealant while installing the tiles on your bathroom floors, but showers will be too risky. It is because marble is extremely porous and absorbs water at the slightest go. Better use some alternatives for your shower walls and floors. The fact is that different kinds of stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain tile are all utilized in bathrooms and showers; there is no such thing as "shower tile." Some of the products belonging to these materials can be used in showers, some can not. Still, the majority consider porcelain tiles the best option for showers. The short answer is yes if you're wondering whether to use porcelain tile in your shower. However, you should check the product description very carefully when you decide. 

Marble floors are beautiful, to say the least. They are perfect for any elegant space, like a museum or an auditorium. These have a timeless beauty that never seems to fade. However, one should remember that marble is porous and needs to be maintained properly to preserve its beauty. Marble floor tiles cost starting from $3.65 per sq.ft up to $53.90 per sq.ft depending on their quality, style, color and finish. You can create perfect flooring with marble tiles by choosing from a wide selection. 

Yes, marble tiles are one of the most expensive tiles on the market, because of their durability, sheen, and aesthetic value. However, you can get attractive discounts and offers on bulk purchases, depending on the supplier. Some tiles come at pocket-friendly rates, while some others may take a fortune. Choose a reliable and knowledgeable supplier to give you the best tiles for your budget. Stone Tile Depot is one of the best online tile suppliers in the US.

Yes, always! Sealing marble tiles and countertops is the best action to keep your investment clean and protect for several years. Even if you are not installing them in the bathroom, it is advisable to seal the marble surface to avoid moisture damage. Apply a high-quality industrial sealant over the surface of marble flooring or wall or any other place regularly. Depending on the usage, sealing every six months to every two years is advised.

The best option to clean your marble tiles or countertop is to use marble/natural stone cleaner that is available at your local hardware store. FILA or MIRACLE cleaners are the best known ones.

Marble tiles and countertops are porous materials. Water or any kind of liquid can be trapped easily. You can try marble or natural stone cleaners to get rid of the stains. If the stain or water marks does not go away, please consult your installer or fabricator for other solutions. 

Marble tiles can last a lifetime, and marble floors have the longevity of at least 25 years, depending on the type of care and maintenance. 

Marble Tiles For Sale

Marble tiles have been the flooring choice for homeowners since time immemorial. Although porcelain has replaced it in some cases, marble still holds its importance in the hearts of home and business owners alike. Marble flooring and walls is our topic in this category.

Advantages of Marble:

1- Marble looks amazing

Good quality marble tile has its own elegant look. Natural and sustainable material for the spaces. For those who want to create luxury flooring, marble is the first choice selected as flooring tile. Marble offers aesthetically beautiful spaces.

2- Marble is durable

Marble is a very durable material like other natural stone tiles.

3- Marble is resistant-to-scratchings

Marble tiles are highly durable, and also they are hardwearing. Some tiles are durable but not scratch-resistant and resistant to shattering.

4- Marble is versatile

Marble can be used everywhere in residential and commercial places in any room.

5- Marble is affordable

You think this doesn't make any sense, but at Stone Tile Depot, we offer a wider range of marble tiles for both exterior and interior uses. Whether you prefer conventional neutral shades or trendier and darker ones, you can get them all at our store. Take a look at our exclusive tiles to understand why we are one of the best dealers in the market.

Coming to affordability, we offer our products at up to 50% discounted rates to suit every budget. We have many options from Italian Carrara Honed, Calacatta Polished marble tiles , Gray Marble Tile to Crema Marfil Marble Tiles.

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We have two decades of experience in dealing with the best quality tiles in the global market. Be it for our shipping policies or the 30-day money-back guarantee that we provide our customers with, we have a high reputation in the industry.

While budget concerns are one of the primary reasons for choosing other tiles over marble, as the latter can be a little expensive, we eliminate the need for such compromises by making our products quite affordable for everyone.

Find Your Marble Style

1- It is popular to create black and white tile checkboard tile concepts for the entries, One of our customers mentioned our black and white concept here in this checkboard tile option. Although black and white checkered tile is trending, beige and white checkered tile or tan and white checkboard is getting popular as well. If you are looking for a beige tile 12x12 or beige tile floor, beige tile bathroom , choose us.

2- Lately, gray interior designs are getting more and more trending. Our Afyon grey marble tile 12x12, grey marble tile 12x24 grey subway tile, and grey arabesque tile are among the most popular.

3- If you are only into light and reflections, you should go with white marble tiles. They are excellent choices for ideas like marble bathroom, splashback tiles kitchen, or marble kitchen floors.

Where To Use Marble Tiles

Marble may be the best choice for your living room floors, bedrooms, bathrooms porches, patios, and other places in your residence while also adorning the flooring of any commercial space.

These gorgeous-looking tiles are available in a plethora of designs, hues, patterns, and finishes, depending on your choice and needs. Although many people opt for faux marble to replicate the look, nothing can compare to the sheen of original marble flooring if you ask us.

Are you confused about the styles and patterns of tiles for your residential or commercial space? Contact our experts today for a detailed consultation on the matter. Our customer service representatives will be delighted to help you make the right choice with the marble tile for sale.