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Black Marble Tiles

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Nero2"x8"x1/2"Polished Marble Tile

$6.89 / sq. ft.
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Nero16"x16"x1/2"Textured Marble Tile

$6.35 / sq. ft.
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1–21 of 38 products

If you think of renovating your bathroom, black marble tiles are a must for two apparent reasons. First, they look highly sophisticated and classy. Second, they can fit easily into your budget. Here is why you should change to black marble tiles whenever you think of stylizing your bathroom or your house.

Black marble tiles make your bathroom look attractive

There is an old saying that a person's class is determined by how he keeps his bathroom. Black marble tiles replicate the look of original marble at half the price, and the shiny texture and polish make it eye-catchy and give it an expensive watch.

Black marble tiles require low maintenance

More and more people opt for black marble tile as bathroom flooring or kitchen flooring because they do not require much maintenance. The color and texture are what make these tiles incomparable. Moreover, the stains are barely visible. And these tiles can be easily cleaned with soap and water. To retain the old luster and shine, all that is required is a little vinegar and water.

Black marble tiles are highly durable

Black marble tiles are famous for their durability. They are valued for money because they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are moisture and stain-resistant. Therefore, if you plan to use black marble tiles as countertops, walls you need not worry about their durability. They are hardy and can be placed anywhere. The reason why most people use it on their floors is that black marble tiles are anti-skid. This means that even if you spill water over the tiles, you won't slip easily.

Black marble tiles are very versatile

Black marble tiles are truly versatile. They are available in exquisite designs, and because of these designs, they are also used as tabletops, countertops, and outdoor and indoor walls. They go well with both traditional and modern interiors. The color of the tiles enhances the room's beauty and gives it a definite personality.

Stone tile depot offers its customers a varied range of black marble tiles to choose from. The different shades of black will make you fall for these tiles, and the exquisite design of these tiles makes them an exception and increases their value. If you are looking for a particular shade of black that will go with your interiors, reach out to us at Stone Tile Depot. We are rest assured; you are going to be spoilt for choice.