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Marble will never go out of style, owing to its timelessness and elegance. However, the costs may become a little too much to bear sometimes. But if you can afford it, it is simply the best. Even today, you will find marble-tiled bathrooms in posh hotels, boutique resorts, and other commercial and industrial places, sometimes, even in sophisticated households.

Yes, marble tiles are one of the most expensive tiles on the market, because of their durability, sheen, and aesthetic value. However, you can get attractive discounts and offers on bulk purchases, depending on the supplier. Some tiles come at pocket-friendly rates, while some others may take a fortune. Choose a reliable and knowledgeable supplier to give you the best tiles for your budget. Stone Tile Depot is one of the best online tile suppliers in the US.

Yes, always! Sealing marble tiles and countertops is the best action to keep your investment clean and protect for several years. Even if you are not installing them in the bathroom, it is advisable to seal the marble surface to avoid moisture damage. Apply a high-quality industrial sealant over the surface of marble flooring or wall or any other place regularly. Depending on the usage, sealing every six months to every two years is advised.

The best option to clean your marble tiles or countertop is to use marble/natural stone cleaner that is available at your local hardware store. FILA or MIRACLE cleaners are the best known ones.

Marble tiles and countertops are porous materials. Water or any kind of liquid can be trapped easily. You can try marble or natural stone cleaners to get rid of the stains. If the stain or water marks does not go away, please consult your installer or fabricator for other solutions. 

Many people believe that marble tiles are not suitable for bathrooms because they are porous and slippery. However, this statement is not entirely true. Today most people use marble tiles in shower and bathroom floors and have realized that it's more durable and less slippery than regular tiles.

Why are marble tiles used in Shower?

Marble shower tiles are less slippery

The primary reason why people have started using marble shower tiles is that these tiles are less slippery. When using marble tiles in the Shower, you minimize the risk of accidents. Unlike glass tiles, marble is non-slippery and is best suited for bathroom floors.

Marble shower tiles don't hold water on their surface for too long.

Since marbles are stones, they absorb water quickly, so they are primarily used in bathrooms. Marble tiles in the Shower can absorb the excess water from the floor in no time without the use of mops. Therefore, you don't need to wipe the floors regularly.

Marble tiles in the Shower prevent the walls from getting stained

There are a lot of places where the water contains iron because of which the walls in the Shower tend to get stained after a certain period. When using marble tiles in the Shower, the walls don't get stained quickly, and the water can be easily dried from the walls and floors of the bathroom. If you want to prevent iron from depositing your bathroom walls, you should use marble tiles in the Shower.

They are available in attractive designs and are comparatively cheaper

Finally, if you are constructing a bathroom and have a low budget, then marble tiles in the Shower can seem a good option. These tiles are available in attractive designs and are comparatively cheaper than other bathroom alternatives. Most importantly, these tiles have a long shelf life, and therefore, you don't need to replace them too often.

Why choose us?

If you wish to buy marble tiles for your bathrooms and are looking for a place with a wide range of marbles at reasonable rates, don't forget to check our stock. You can conveniently select a marble tile shower for your bathroom from our website and get them delivered to your home. We ensure you get the best quality products with a 30- day money-back guarantee and excellent customer service.