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herringbone kitchen backsplash tile

Backsplash Tile Ideas For Your Kitchen

It is a quick fact that we complete our kitchens with tiles. Choosing a suitable tile can make our kitchen very high quality. That’s why we’re going to give you backsplash tile ideas today. As a result of our extensive research, we found fashionable and trendy models! Stone Tile Depot can help you with its quality products and team.

What Kind Of Kitchen Do You Want?

As in all areas of life, harmony is essential here. You may like a tile very much, but you should not choose it if it is not compatible with your kitchen.

Especially recently, gray-toned kitchens are highly fashionable, and it may not be suitable to choose black in such a kitchen. We do not recommend those who want a luxurious and modern kitchen look to choose too mixed colors.

Especially in recent years, it is essential to achieve harmony in general. Floor tiles, wall tiles, and cabinets must be compatible. So first, determine what kind of kitchen you want. Do you want a modern and elegant kitchen? Or will you prefer a more colorful and fun kitchen?

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

Tiles appear as a product that can be preferred in many ways.

  • An extremely affordable material in terms of price: If you are looking for a suitable product, a kitchen backsplash may be your choice. Although it can have many looks, it is incredibly affordable.
  • It can be very diverse: You will have a lot of choices as a model. That’s why you can find a kitchen backsplash that will fit no matter what type of kitchen you have. You can choose a product that will complement or add contrast to your kitchen.
  • Color variants: You can find a tile of any color from A to Z. It is up to you to choose many different colors. Or you can take advantage of classic colors such as gray, black, and white. It is possible to find a backsplash in mixed colors.
  • An extremely durable material: You can use it for many years without any force. Cleaning materials do not rust backsplashes. It is effortless to clean because you can apply force as you wish. Tile is a substance that does not collapse due to its structure.

White kitchen backsplash is still used a lot in recent years. However, other colors and models started to be in fashion as well. Now we will tell you what kind of models you can choose.

  • Experts recommend handmade and organic materials. For example, beautification can be made by creaming the white color. Of course, white and plain backsplashes can always be preferred. However, if you want a different look, you can choose a handmade look. Handmade tiles have a distinct look in each piece, which makes your kitchen different from everyone else.
  • The marble tile look will always be ahead of time. Marble is a highly preferred type, especially for kitchens. An expert says that marble blends into traditional and modern looks at the same time.
  • Geometric tiles can also be preferred. You can use hexagonal tiles and trapezoidal tiles in your kitchen. Their color is not necessary because they look excellent quality in any color. This choice may be suitable for those with a plain kitchen because it adds a difference and color to the kitchen.


herringbone kitchen backsplash tile

Which Colors Can You Choose?

As we said before, the color you choose may depend entirely on your kitchen. However, you are lucky that you will make the kitchen from scratch.

  • We want to start with the color white kitchen backsplash because it is always in fashion. Light colors are highly suitable for use in backgrounds. However, we should note that you can choose an off-white color instead of a plain white color. When we say white, we are not just talking about one color. All the shades you can think of can be suitable for your kitchen.
  • Have you designed a modern kitchen? Then you can look at the color black and gray. Black and gray have become extremely popular in homes and kitchens in recent years. Young people especially prefer these color tones.
  • Colors such as blue are also used. Blue tiles are also used both on the floor and backsplash of the kitchens. You can get exciting looks with different shades of blue. It is a color for those who want to have a separate kitchen.


blue kitchen backsplash tile


These colors are not your only option, and you can choose completely different colors if you wish. For example, some people make their kitchen red. This list of suggestions can be much longer. You can also get more detailed information by contacting us.


The Backsplash Is Not Only Used In Kitchens

We would also like to mention the bathroom backsplash. The kitchen and bathroom can be very different from each other, so it is essential to examine the bathroom under a different heading. Dark colors are preferred more often than light colors in bathrooms.

At the same time, geometric shapes are not preferred here. However, marble appearance can be used as a light color. Marble is highly suitable for a place such as a bathroom. You already know that baths are generally made of marble. You can find some marble and other materials of subway tiles bathroom backsplash.

white bathroom backsplash tile

How Will You Make The Right Backsplash Choices?

You should analyze your kitchen and bathroom thoroughly. We want to say that you are much luckier if you will build a brand new kitchen or bathroom.

You don’t have to make your choices yourself. For example, you can get support from our expertise. However, if you still want to be confident in your own choices, we have some suggestions for you.

black marble kitchen backsplash

You should not make a hasty choice by going to the nearest hardware store. Think carefully before buying and decide if it will be compatible. Of course, we don’t recommend making costly choices, but we don’t want you to make bad choices for the price. You can choose by looking at these and the suggestions we give you.