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Tile Outlets of America | The Tile Outlet Guide You Need

What Are Tile Outlets?Tile outlets offer wall and floor tiles at affordable, discounted prices. They often sell tiles wholesale or in bulk to provide customers with an affordable alternative to luxury tile stores. Whether you're searching for marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, [...]

Don’t Buy Beige Tiles Before You Read This

Beige tiles have been a mainstay of interior design for thousands of years. Their subtle warmth imbues spaces with a welcoming atmosphere and goes well with a variety of different colors, tones, and styles. They also come in a wide range of different materials and finishes.In this post, [...]

Shop Zellige Tile Lookalikes – High Quality & Affordable Dupes

Zellige tiles have undoubtedly been one of the top trends of the year. A type of Moroccan artisanal tile, they have a gorgeous, handmade look that makes interiors feel rustic and stylish. Nevertheless, zellige tiles do have their cons. They can be expensive, hard to maintain, and difficult to [...]

Don’t Buy Outdoor Travertine Tiles Before You Read This

Outdoors or indoors, travertine tiles are a timeless design choice that has been popular for decades. Its natural, earthy tone is available in a range of beige, brown, and silver shades, making it highly adaptable and versatile. Moreover, it is one of the best tiles to hold up against the [...]

The Best Wood Look Porcelain Tile No Grout Looks

Wood look porcelain tiles are rising in popularity in the US due to their look of hardwood floors without the high maintenance. Porcelain tile is hardwearing and durable, meaning it is unlikely to be scratched, chipped, or stained. To make the process of installation even easier, consider [...]
Wood finish porcelain wholesale wall tile

5 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Tiles

Many people wish to furnish their homes with luxurious tiles but few realize the benefits of purchasing tile at affordable wholesale tile prices. Nothing looks quite as elegant or classic in a home as tile. With advancements in textile production, the variety of tile materials has increased [...]
Slate Look Porcelain Tile Pros and Cons

Slate Look Porcelain Tile Pros and Cons

The slate look porcelain tile is a very attractive one. It has been designed to be an effective tool for anyone who is trying to implement a new style into their homes. From an interior design perspective, it can offer a lot, so it can be good to experiment with the different options on [...]
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9 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Tile Online

Stone Tile Depot is one of the most preferred wholesale tile suppliers of tiles in the US. Our high-class tiles are widely used across the United States. We are at your side if you are looking for a reliable business partner that will add value to your projects or offer versatility in your [...]

Why Are These 5 Flooring Options Best for Your Restaurant?

Running a restaurant may seem quite easy unless you actually start running it. Besides serving excellent customer service and delicious food, you need to consider many other details. For example, your restaurant's architecture and interior design matter a lot. Flooring for a restaurant is one [...]