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Shop Zellige Tile Lookalikes – High Quality & Affordable Dupes

Zellige tiles have undoubtedly been one of the top trends of the year. A type of Moroccan artisanal tile, they have a gorgeous, handmade look that makes interiors feel rustic and stylish. Nevertheless, zellige tiles do have their cons. They can be expensive, hard to maintain, and difficult to find. Therefore, many homeowners are gravitating toward a zellige tile look alike, which has the look of zellige tiles without the high maintenance or high expense.

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Zellige look tiles are typically a type of ceramic tile that has an artisanal, slightly imperfect look to mimic the aura of handmade Moroccan tile. Zellige look tiles are available in a range of different finishes and colors. What defines its distinct look is its use of earth tones and a handmade, artisanal design.

Let’s proceed with our best-selling zellige look alike tiles:

1. White Zellige Look Tiles

White zellige tile lookalikes have a minimalist look. These white square ceramic tiles have a slightly uneven surface to mimic the handmade zellige look. A classic tile option for any kitchen or bathroom, these ceramic tiles were inspired by traditional North African tile designs.

2. Glossy Blue Zellige Look Porcelain Tiles

These stunning blue porcelain tiles have a classic zellige look due to their glossy, antique look. In the image pictured above, white and blue zellige look tiles have been combined to create a standout zellige wall tile design. This striped kitchen look is utterly chic and unique. Note how beautifully it pairs with the Scandinavian-style kitchen, creating a look that combines traditional and contemporary designs. Porcelain tiles are an incredibly durable and hardwearing option for kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Sage Green Zellige Look Tile

This understated green square ceramic tile that looks like zellige has a subtle light green hue that works incredibly well in minimalist organic modern interiors. Its neutral tone is incredibly versatile and suits white, wood, and gray tones. At the same time, its green hue adds a touch of color that makes spaces feel more vibrant and more welcoming.

4. Pink Long Hexagon Ceramic Zellige Look Tile

This pink long hexagon ceramic tile mimics the geometric shapes of zellige tiles with a contemporary twist. The light pink shade is a charming choice for this bathroom and adds a unique design element to an understated bathroom. Offset with minimalist white bathroom appliances for a clean and simple bathroom style.

5. Forest Green Zellige Look Porcelain Tile

This stunning green porcelain zellige look tile perfectly captures the earthy green tones common among zellige tiles. The rich green hue of this tile has slight imperfections to create the ultimate handmade tile look. Its glossy finish reflects light beautifully and adds a sleek finish to a classic tile design. Pair this natural-looking tile with wooden cabinets and white accents or browse the entire collection of green tiles for more options.

6. Minimalist White Zellige Look Tile

This subway white porcelain tile is the ultimate minimalist zellige look-alike tile. Ideal for backsplash or shower wall installations, this tile is ideal for making spaces feel more airy and light. It works well with a variety of different interior design styles. Choose this white porcelain tile for minimalist styles, rustic-inspired interiors, or even sleek modern designs.

7. Zellige Look Ceramic Gray Picket Tile

This understated gray ceramic tile combines traditional artisanal designs with a contemporary look. The result is a classic tile that is inspired by zellige tile with a modern style. Install this zellige tile in your kitchen for a neutral, stylish backsplash or as a clean, minimalist bathroom wall tile design. It suits brass and marble accents like the sink shown above.

8. Turqouise Zellige Tile Look Porcelain Tile

The breathtaking turquoise hue of this porcelain tile mimics the vibrant color of the Mediterranean. It perfectly mimics the stunning range of color commonly found in Moroccan zellige tiles. If you’re looking for a way to add a vibrant, cheerful tone to your kitchen or bathroom, then this turquoise porcelain tile is certainly for you. Browse the entire range of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles for more options.

9. Deep Black Zellige Look Alike Porcelain Tile

In contrast to the light turquoise tile shown above, this black porcelain tile is a modern interpretation of classic zellige tile. Its sleek finish and deep color add depth to any room. Its handmade look has the allure of zellige tile without any of the high maintenance. Apply black tiles to industrial-style lofts or use it to add a touch of modern design to a rustic interior.

10. Cream Zellige Look Tile

This off-white porcelain tile that looks like zellige is shown to the right in the scene shown above. Its gentle, cream-toned look works beautifully with the earth tones of this living room. The result is an interior with a Californian modern look and organic, contemporary designs. Note how the turquoise details in the image offset the cream and green tones harmoniously.

11. Moss-Green Zellige Tile Lookalike

The mossy tones of this green subway zellige look tile match the earthy clay hues of traditional zellige tiles. Inspired by Mediterranean hues, this tile has a rustic look that recalls zellige designs. It adds an element of warmth and vibrancy to any kitchen or bathroom. The slightly textured, brick look of this tile adds to its handmade look.

12. Pastel Zellige Look Tile

This blue-green pastel zellige look tile has a stylish picket tile pattern that is a charming choice for any kitchen or bathroom. It combines the artisanal look of traditional Moroccan zellige with a more contemporary style. Install these tiles that look like zellige on kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanity backsplashes, or shower walls. Or, embrace its look as an accent wall.

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