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Shop The Best Kitchen Tiles For Walls On Any Budget

Whether you're seeking the perfect kitchen backsplash tile or are dreaming up an accent wall behind a kitchen table, there are a lot of kitchen wall tiles available on the market. However, most backsplashes for kitchens can be incredibly expensive. Here is our guide to the best affordable [...]
black tile

Paint It Black: The 17+ Newest Trends in Black Tile Designs

The Rising Popularity of Black Tile Designs  In the realm of interior design, the color palette is continuously evolving. But there's one hue that remains an eternal classic: black. Recently, there's been a surge in the popularity of black designs. It's not surprising, considering [...]
mosaic floor tiles

Mosaics Are The New Black:10+ Innovative Mosaic Floor Tile Ideas

Why Mosaics Are The New Black?  There's a new trend sweeping the interior design world, and it's all about mosaic tiles. Considered the new black, these small yet versatile pieces are making big waves in the home decor scene. But why are mosaic floor tiles gaining such popularity? [...]
green tile

Bring Nature Into Home: Exclusive Green Tile Ideas

Let me take you on a journey of bringing nature into your home, not just with plants or organic materials, but with something as sturdy and functional as tiles. Yes, you read it right - green tile. The idea of a green might seem unusual initially, but trust me, it's the hottest trend in home [...]
white kitchen floor tiles

Types of White Kitchen Floor Tiles: An Inspirational Guide

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, inspiration is everywhere. The beauty of white kitchen floor tiles is their versatility – they can fit into any kitchen style, from rustic to modern, traditional to contemporary. Whether you're a fan of the minimalistic look or love a bit of [...]
vertical subway shower tile

How Subway Tile Shower Is Used In Bathrooms? Here’s the Explanation!

You've probably heard about subway tile showers, but do you know what they are and how they're used in bathrooms? Named after the white, rectangular tiles used in subway stations in the early 20th century, subway tiles have become a popular choice for bathroom decoration. They are versatile, [...]
mosaic glass tile

Exciting Mosaic Glass Tile Concepts | Shop with Special Prices

When it comes to home décor, you always want to choose something that represents your style, is durable, and adds a touch of elegance. Glass tiles fit the bill perfectly. They are sensitive yet chic, adding an element of sophistication to your home. Although they may seem delicate, mosaic [...]
commercial floor tiles

Commercial Floor Tiles Guide: Which Hotel Flooring Tile You Should Choose?

You're embarking on a new or renovation project for your hotel, and one of the critical decisions you must make is the choice of commercial floor tile. The type of hotel tiles you choose can significantly impact the overall ambiance and aesthetic of your property. It's a decision that requires [...]
peel and stick shower tile

A Big No From Us: Why You Shouldn’t Use Peel and Stick Shower Tiles?

You've probably seen an array of peel and stick shower tiles in your quest for a bathroom upgrade. From the sleek look of the subway tiles to the elegance of marble, the variety is endless. Peel and stick subway tiles, with their clean lines and classic look, have an aesthetic appeal. They [...]