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9 Advantages of Buying Wholesale Tile Online

Stone Tile Depot is one of the most preferred wholesale tile suppliers of tiles in the US. Our high-class tiles are widely used across the United States. We are at your side if you are looking for a reliable business partner that will add value to your projects or offer versatility in your operations. 
We offer a wide range of products that will beautify any indoor and outdoor decoration, from wholesale porcelain tile to wholesale marble tile. Moreover, we offer problem-free and quick solutions for your needs.
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'wholesale porcelain tile'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'wholesale marble tile'

Buying wholesale tiles online may be challenging until you find a reliable solution partner. In this regard, Stone Tile Depot can easily appeal to your eye and mind with its robust and popular references. Moreover, we bet you will love our comprehensive product portfolio in different designs, colors, shapes, and patterns.


We are partners with many leading manufacturers in Italy and Spain and offer high-end decorative elements worldwide. Most industry leaders are aware that Stone Tile Depot is the answer if wholesale tile supply is in question.

Advantages of Buying Wholesale Tiles Online

You do not have to search for wholesale tiles near me anymore, while you can effortlessly purchase premium quality tiles no matter where you operate in the world. Stone Tile Depot offers an excellent opportunity to decorators, interior architects, homeowners, and designers with its unique and high-end products.

We can serve you from wholesale tile floor to wall tiles that will add a unique atmosphere in decoration. All you need to do is visit our store, pick the best designs that will appeal to your taste, and complete the purchase without any hesitation or contact us. Our experienced sales team will contact you as soon as possible, offer you a free quote, and we can deliver your orders anywhere you want in the United States.

Thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee, we provide risk-free purchases for our existing and potential customers. Below, you can find some of the advantages of buying wholesale tiles from Stone Tile Depot! Do not miss your opportunity to learn more!


1. Wholesale Tile Selections: Wide Variety of Tiles

One of the most significant advantages of preferring Stone Tile Depot as your wholesale tile supplier is our wide variety of tiles. We offer the best examples of tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, marble, and many more! Besides our wide range of material selections, you can also find fantastic customization options.

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At Stone Tile Depot, we can offer you high-class tiles in different shapes, colors, thicknesses, and sizes. All you need to do is decide on your needs and preferences. You can leave the rest to us by letting our sales team know about your requirements.

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You can visit our categories to find the tiles that will help you to beautify your projects or add character to your designs. With excellent customer support, we can help you place your order as quickly as possible and deliver them to your address no matter where you want.

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2. Wholesale Tile Supply Guarantee: One of the Best Quality

We do not only offer stylish tiles but also guarantee and best quality tiles. All our products are tested with 15 special tests to ensure that we offer the best tiles you can find on the market.

For this purpose, we subject almost every tile to the following tests before shipment:

  • Determination of Real Density
  • Apparent Density
  • Total Porosity
  • Open Porosity
  • Slip Resistance by Means of the Pendulum Tester (Wet Conditions)
  • Slip Resistance by Means of the Pendulum Tester (Dry Conditions)
  • Water Absorption Coefficient by Capillarity
  • , at Atmospheric Pressure, in Boiling Water
  • Compressive Strength
  • Flexural Strength Under Constant Moment
  • Flexural Strength Under Concentrated Load
  • Frost Resistance 



3. Classical and Latest Style of Interiors

If wholesale tile supply is in question, we ensure the satisfaction of our partners with a wide range of style options. Those looking for a classic look will be amazed by our Carrara and Calacatta Tile collections, which reflect the purity of Classic Italian Tiles.

In addition to this, we offer contemporary designs with our waterjet tiles and mosaics made of various materials such as porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble tile, and much more! Without a doubt, we offer unique tiles that will perfectly fit into any project that you are planning to work on.

 Thanks to this wide range of tile styles, you will not have to worry about accessing the perfect style in your mind. You can visit our store and pick the ones you like most, and we can deliver them to any address you want.

4. Budget-Friendly Pricing: Online and Bulk Sale

Offering quality tiles is not enough to be a leader in the industry. However, offering quality tiles at affordable prices is the key to being the best wholesale tile supplier in the world. In this regard, our competitive prices in both online and bulk sales can attract your attention.

You do not have to search for hours to find the best yet most affordable tiles anymore! Stone Tile Depot offers you a wide range of tile selections with the best and most competitive prices you can find on the market.
All you need to do is search online by using our advanced filter to find the best tile for your project or contact our sales team, serving between 08:00 am-04:00 pm, and receive a customized and free quote for your needs and preferences. We assure you that you will love our deals and we will be working for years together.

5. 24/7 Access

We pay utmost attention to transparency in all our operations, including the product descriptions. It is the best thing you can have with an online business. You don’t have to wait or try to find a store and go there for your research on tiles, you can always find what you are looking for from our 24/7 online tile shop. Although you can find what you are looking for in our eCommerce store, you might want to contact someone so all you need to do is request a quote from product pages or send an email to our excellent customer service.

We provide all the convenience for you to receive a better service and offer the best pricing for wholesale buyers. You do not have to search for wholesale tiles near me to find the best alternatives on the market. Instead, you can check the website or contact our sales team to access all the information you would like.

You can pick any of the collections you like, contact our sales team whenever you want, and let us inform you about everything you would like to know before our trade.

6. PRO’s Club 

Stone Tile Depot also offers a particular program for its loyal customers. We offer an extra discount on all prices after signing up for our PRO’s Club! It is an entirely free service that provides exclusive deals and offers to our members!

You can use your unique coupon code for your purchases, and you can also share them with your customers to provide them with privileges. We have a level system in our PRO’s Club, a tile trade program that offers enhanced benefits for our loyal customers.

Moreover, we appoint a private trade specialist for you so that you can follow all the news, discounts, or promotions by simply contacting your representative. We also prioritize our PRO’s Club members’ deals, shipping, and delivery.

7. Get a Sample 

Whether you are looking for wholesale porcelain tile or wholesale marble tile, getting a sample and witnessing the quality with your own eyes matter a lot. Stone Tile Depot offers you a chance to see the product before buying it.

In this regard, you can always order your sample tile online or contact our sales team to request a sample tile. We will be shipping the models you would like to see as quickly as possible.

In this way, you will be sure whether the wholesale tiles you are going to purchase are the best fit for your projects or not. We are pretty sure that our high-class tiles can easily amaze you in terms of both price and performance.

8. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

Another advantage of preferring Stone Tile Depot as your wholesale tile supplier is that we offer risk-free purchases. Thus, you will not have to worry about anything but enjoy the quality of the tiles you will supply.

Although we test our tiles with fifteen unique tests, you can return your orders without any questions within 30 days after the delivery. It is worth noting that we do not accept any liability or responsibility after the installation or poor implementation.

9. Excellent Customer Service 

We care about customer experience and satisfaction a lot, which is the critical factor of our success in the industry. With thousands of happy customers, we have created a sustainable business. It is built around the mutual trust between our company and our customers.

We are also proud to have an Excellent Rate on Trustpilot the leading Customer Reviews platform globally. We please our customers regarding quality, shipping, delivery, products, and customization options. All you need to do is contact us for wholesale tile opportunities.