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budget friendly backsplash tile ideas

The Best 13 Backsplash Tile Ideas That Are High-Quality and Budget-Friendly

Kitchens are one of the essential parts of our homes, and we take the most care of their design. If you like to cook often, you should make sure that you choose easy-to-clean and, at the same time, durable ingredients for your kitchen. If you cannot decide or want to look for inspiration for affordable backsplash tiles,  we strongly recommend that you continue to read these best 13 high-quality and budget-friendly backsplash tile ideas.

1. Arabesque Tile Backsplash

The pattern Arabesque was inspired by Arab and Moorish culture when it was designed. Arabesque tile kitchen backsplash achieves the mood the homeowner or interior designer wants to get with their unique shapes and colors.

Bright colors such as white and light gray give an energetic aura while dark brown hues make the room moody. As their shape geometrically includes curvy and sharp motives, they look so cool and aesthetic.

arabesque tile backsplash

You might wonder ‘Is Arabesque backsplash in style?‘ or ‘Is Arabesque tile outdated?‘ because it was much more trendy 30 years ago and now it is back! For the first question; the pattern and the color you want to build, it is absolute and will contribute to the design. For the second one, no, the arabesque backsplash is not outdated. Once you see the sample of the arabesque tile and touch it you will understand how specially produced they are.

It is time to see more eye-catching arabesque tile backsplash products if you are interested in this beautiful shape.

2. Blue Tile Backsplash

As you know, the blue color has a relaxing effect on people, and if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, the blue color may be one of the best options you can consider. Find your passion with blue tile backsplash ideas you’ll adore.

Merge rustic look with blue and create naturally beautiful kitchens.

blue tile backsplash

If you also care about bright colors in your decoration, you may want to look at our blue tile backsplash models.

Mosaics are also good options for kitchen ideas and we will dive into it later but if you want to check out the blue mosaic tile backsplash, do it now because it is another good inspiration for blue lovers.

3- Chevron Tile Backsplash

The Chevron pattern is one of the most preferred backsplash models in the world. One of the biggest advantages of chevron tile backsplash is that they are usually designed and manufactured in standard sizes. So you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable model for you in case of any malfunction in the future.

Are you more interested in a brighter and clean look?

chevron backsplash tile

Or a dark and elegant backsplash with a chevron pattern?

black chevron backsplash ideas

These models have been quite popular lately, and if you plan to have a modern look in your kitchen, you should definitely consider this pattern.

4- Glass Tile Backsplash

Most people search for ‘Is glass tile good for a backsplash?‘ Glass tiles are one of the most ideal tiles for backsplashes. There is not only one reason for it.

Glass tiles are non-porous and stain-resistant, making them ideal for kitchens. This also means that it is free of bacteria and germs!

Also, a glass tile backsplash is known as durable so it can withstand wear and tear for years. It makes sense when interior designers especially those working on the kitchens, homeowners, or contractors choose the backsplash glass tiles for their beauty along with the other perks.

glass mosaic tile backsplash


At Stone Tile Depot, one of the USA’s most prominent discount tile stores, the mosaic glass tile kitchen backsplash is the most visited and requested category. The products are made of satin glass tile, matte interlocking slides glass mosaic tile, glass mosaic tile, honed hexagonal glass mosaic tile, blended, non-slip, and 1×1 specification materials. They are also flat finishes with a glossy and polished finish.


emerald green backsplash tile




5- Green Tile Backsplash

Green is the preferred color, especially in kitchen design, and I bet you will like our products in the green tile category very much. We offer our customers 43 unique products at the most affordable prices in our store.

green tile backsplash

If you have been looking for stylish green backsplash tile models for a while, but your budget does not allow you to buy them, you can check out this category as soon as possible.

6. Herringbone Tile Backsplash

You can buy the fantastic herringbone backsplash tiles that you have always dreamed of for your kitchen from our Stone Tile Depot, which offers special discounts on all these models. You can choose one of these models, or you can add color to your decoration by combining different models.

Homeowners can easily create great combinations by choosing different shades. In general, you can create a great image with contrasting colors or shades that are similar to each other. Whatever your choice, you can find the perfect option in our store, just take a look at our blog and explore more backsplash ideas!

herringbone backsplash subway tile

7. White Subway Tile Backsplash

It shouldn’t be shocking if we answer this very specific question ‘Is subway tile good for a kitchen backsplash?‘. White subway tiles are the most popular backsplash tiles. 

They never get old or aged and they are always trendy with their elegant and natural look. 

white subway tile backsplash

Subway tiles are quite easy to clean and require so less maintenance. So they are one of the best choices for the backsplashes.

The white subway tile backsplash is one of the best ideas for those who want to achieve high-quality and budget-friendly backsplashes. Apart from the color, the subway tile backsplash is the most popular kitchen supplementary. 

white subway tile backsplash kitchen

8. Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Due to their shape and look, a hexagon tile is a good option for those who want to make a statement. As they are sold in stock, we will see hexagon tiles for many years as we can say. 

One of the most preferred models in this collection is our honeycomb hexagonal tile backsplash model. Thanks to these ready-to-use tiles, you can easily create small or large patterns of different colors to add a little color to your overall decoration.

hexagon tile backsplash

Our products are produced in glossy, matte, honed finish options.  You can view details such as size, length, width, thickness, and weight on the product page. 

Stone Tile Depot offers up to a 50% discount on the hexagon tile backsplash collection. 

Hexagon marble mosaic tiles look amazing on any walls including kitchen backsplashes. 

hexagon gray backsplash


9. Marble Tile Backsplash

Marble has been one of the most preferred decoration materials since ancient times and marble tile backsplash is another high-quality and budget-friendly backsplash idea. But not everywhere, only the ones that can produce their quality tiles like Stone Tile Depot. Otherwise, marble tiles are generally expensive products.

beige backsplash ideas



We believe that our special discount, which applies to all products in the marble tile backsplash collection, will be an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate it. You can quickly bring the elegance of marble to your kitchen, and get a noble image in your decoration. 

Don’t forget to take a look at our other backsplash ideas, to explore more marble, glass, and others!

10. Travertine Tile Backsplash

Travertine is a good choice for the kitchen area because it has many advantages. It is durable and strong, especially around the sink area it is preferred.  Plus, the travertine tile backsplash is a popular category because of the travertine’s natural hues that bring an instinctive warm look to the kitchen.

travertine tile backsplash

The important part here is cleaning the travertine tile backsplash. Travertine tile needs attention and care for its maintenance. It shouldn’t be afraid the natural stone lovers because it doesn’t require a lot of time, money, or effort because of its porosity.

You can definitely create high-quality and budget-friendly backsplashes with Stone Tile Depot’s travertine tiles. 

Our travertine tiles got an excellent rating from Trustpilot which indicates Stone Tile Depot has excellent customer service.

11. Modern Backsplash Tiles

Modern backsplash offers a new way of design in the kitchen areas. You may create a clean look modern backsplash or more vivid and colorful modern backsplashes to your taste.

You may find the examples, such as;

modern backsplash tile quality and budget friendly backsplash

yellow backsplash ideas


Apart from these ideas so far, you can easily access the best and highest quality kitchen tiles by visiting our related category.

Create a modern look with more inspiration, check out our Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas!

12. Cement Tile Backsplash

Cement tiles are a great choice for the kitchen, and they are also known as patterned tiles on the market. If you want to add some color to your decoration, you may want to check out the cement tile backsplash category immediately.

cement tile backsplash


13. Mosaic Tile Backsplash; High Quality & Budget-Friendly Backsplash

Last but not least, we will show you why mosaic tiles are one of the best ideas for affordable and high-quality backsplash ideas.


First of all, they are beautiful. Mosaic tiles attract many designers’ and homeowners’ attention because of their beautiful look.

However, this is not the only reason mosaic tiles are one of the best for kitchen backsplash design ideas. 

cararra backsplash vintage

They are also easy to maintain, and easy to clean and because of their non-porosity, they don’t allow bacteria or mildew to hold on the surface.  It is popular to mix and match grey tiles and mosaics in the kitchen area.

Mosaic tiles in this category are one of our favorites of high-quality and budget-friendly backsplash ideas. 

If you need any help with the backsplash design, you can just initiate a chat with our sales representatives or contact us!